Asus z370-g suitable ram speeds

  PhillyG76 17:43 09 Feb 2019

I currently have a Corsair vengeance 8Gb 2400 MHz stick but am thinking of getting one 16GB stick but faster. I know you can’t mix speeds so I’ll probably sell the 8Gb one. But I’m bit confused, as on Asus’s Website it says it can support Ram upto 2666 MHz (not over clocked), and then upto 4000 MHZ (over clocked), this puzzles me as to go from 2666 to 4000Mhz seems a big jump. So can I buy a 3000mhz ram stick (before over clocking) and maybe still over clock later? The only reason I can think Asus listed slower non clocked speeds maybe was at the time memory modules weren’t so fast? Also I’m sure some of you will be thinking why am I buying a single 16Gb Stick? Well I’m thinking for the future, I can just keep adding one 16Gb stick at a time upto the max 64gb, or maybe One/two 16 gb sticks and maybe one/two 8Gb sticks. Am I right in thinking, if you keep the stick speeds the same, mixing different capacity sizes won’t be a problem? Anyway thanks in advance for any advice.


  wee eddie 18:00 09 Feb 2019

You can mix speeds but they will operate at the speed of the slowest card

  wee eddie 18:03 09 Feb 2019

Go's is pure addition and is the way to go

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:43 09 Feb 2019

You asked this before click here

  PhillyG76 21:05 09 Feb 2019

Yes, I hadn’t realised how much I was asking about, and have just noticed more replies. I guess I was thinking about the situation in a different way. So yes thanks for all the advice, what I now know for sure is mixing speeds isn’t good and you end up running at the slowest ram fitted. I think the main concern was why Asus only listed 2666MHZ as max supported, but upto 4000MHZ over clocked. Basically if I brought for example 3000mhz ram, would this work and at that speed. I really hope that is my final question on this and apologies for rambling on, I just find it great learning new things. But many thanks everyone.

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