ASUS X556U continuously crashing after startup

  Maisiemay06 13:10 19 May 2017

My Asus x556u laptop usually works fine but this morning it has crashed about 8 times. I turn it on, log in then after about 5 minutes it completely crashes and freezes. If I leave it for long enough, about 10 minutes, it shows the blue screen with 'your computer ran into a problem...' and then restarts. Otherwise I just hold the power button until it turns off and restarts. Then on start up it does a disk scan. I don't know anything about computers so please be as basic as possible with responses. I installed the windows 10 creators update a few days ago so don't know if it's realtors to that. The laptop was bought new in January. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!! I have exams coming up and need my laptop asap Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:32 19 May 2017

You have only up to 10 days to revert back to before the Creators Update.

If the problems have started since then I would be tempted to revert back and see if that stops the problems.

Settings - Update and security - Recovery - follow the instructions to return to old operating system.

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