Asus windows seven drivers

  Im a diddy 23:30 07 Nov 2012

Is it possible to upgrade to windows seven on asus x51rl laptop?

  Nebular 23:51 07 Nov 2012

Yes but you might want to also upgrade your system memory to 2Gb if you currently only have 1Gb installed. A great program that will find the latest drivers for your system, with Windows 7 installed is called drivermax, which I use almost daily. You can use the free version which allows you to download 3 or 4 drivers per day. You can get the program here.

  Im a diddy 00:25 08 Nov 2012

Thanks both,I'll have a try ,do you think win 7 with 1gb will run better than vista with 1gb?

  Sea Urchin 08:37 08 Nov 2012

do you think win 7 with 1gb will run better than vista with 1gb?

No, neither run well on 1GB - definitely upgrade to 2GB which I think is the maximum your laptop will take.

  Im a diddy 22:05 09 Nov 2012

All sorted,driver max spot on,lets you install two per day so graphics and sound quite nippy at one gb but will pop another gig in sometime thanks all

  rdave13 23:14 09 Nov 2012

Im a diddy , glad you're sorted but be aware that Driver Max will upload information from your PC constantly. To do with drivers, as they say. I can't remember correctly but there is two parts to their software.

An upload manager (forget the name they give it) will be constantly running if you don't disable it, you need to find it in programs and features, or within Driver Max. Even if you uninstall DM this upload manager will still be present. Just be careful, this is why I ditched DM many years ago.

  spiderlegz 14:18 10 Nov 2012

I've never noticed any issues but I do always change the settings within DM options & un-tick every box. I also uninstall the whole program from each system once it's all up to date.

  rdave13 14:26 10 Nov 2012

Do you still have to uninstall the driver agent separately from the main program? It used to be that way.

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