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Asus wifi connections cant be found

  1993terry 15:50 10 Sep 2019

My asus laptop wont connect to the wifi ive tried a lot of solutions that ive seen on YouTube but non has worked

Ive now factory reset my laptop and nothing has changed when i log the laptop on there is a square with a red x where the wifi should be

Everything else works fine tho

  wee eddie 16:36 10 Sep 2019

Need to tell us the Make and Model of your laptop, also the OS running on it. Possibly, its age would be useful

  1993terry 17:43 10 Sep 2019

Its an asus type c X540LA And its on windows 10

  wee eddie 21:02 10 Sep 2019

Can you log into your WiFi with your Phone?

  wee eddie 06:48 11 Sep 2019

Another "simple" question. How long have you had it?

  john bunyan 08:36 11 Sep 2019

As a temporary measure, having checked, as wee eddie says, that your wi fi signal is ok with another device, you can, for about £10 get a usb dongle. If that works then we need to see what can be done with the built in wi fi. Have you tried the troubleshooting route? Are there any yellow triangles in device manager?

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