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Asus webcam image upside down.

  john bunyan 20:27 04 Dec 2016

My granddaughter has an old Asus laptop F52f . Updated from windows 7 and annual update. However the built in webcam now inverts the image. Tried driver update but when we downloaded a driver from Asus there was only a w7 64 bit,one, and although it seemed to install , the camera would not open so after many a Google search we had to revert to the w10 generic USB driver, still inverted. I believe there may be a registry tweak, but would be grateful for suggestions - not a link to Asus tech as we have tried that.

  john bunyan 11:48 06 Dec 2016


Will also try that but am a little concerned using Bangladesh link, and others I found on Google the purport to solve this issue. Asus should offer a patch

  john bunyan 14:24 06 Dec 2016

The Skype answer was via Dhaka, Bangladesh, but I will look more carefully. The problem is on the camera , not just Skype. I will try to get hold of the PC for a day or so, as she is "in halls" at Uni.

  john bunyan 15:09 06 Dec 2016

No, of course not but one has to be careful with such downloads to avoid additional unwanted stuff. When I get the PC I will try all the options whilst regretting that Asus makes it difficult.

  john bunyan 16:44 22 Dec 2016

She has bought a webcam!

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