Asus webcam image upside down.

  john bunyan 20:27 04 Dec 2016

My granddaughter has an old Asus laptop F52f . Updated from windows 7 and annual update. However the built in webcam now inverts the image. Tried driver update but when we downloaded a driver from Asus there was only a w7 64 bit,one, and although it seemed to install , the camera would not open so after many a Google search we had to revert to the w10 generic USB driver, still inverted. I believe there may be a registry tweak, but would be grateful for suggestions - not a link to Asus tech as we have tried that.

  john bunyan 21:04 04 Dec 2016

Ps now on w 10 to be clear

  john bunyan 10:09 05 Dec 2016

Any takers? I think there may be a registry tweak?

  john bunyan 20:25 05 Dec 2016

Bump. I guess no one has suggestions.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:30 05 Dec 2016

Have you tried using the laptop upsidedown?

I'll get my hat and coat...

  john bunyan 21:29 05 Dec 2016

I did suggest she stands on her head on Skype!

  BRYNIT 22:32 05 Dec 2016

From CLICK HERE it possible you have the wrong drivers installed. It may help you down load the correct drivers for windows 10 or maybe windows 8.1 drivers that may work on windows 10.

  john bunyan 09:45 06 Dec 2016


I did find the Asus link; it was not very helpful, not mentioning Windows 10 at all. They offered 3 sets of drivers, all in zip files. I tried one but the camera did not work at all with it

  alanrwood 10:17 06 Dec 2016

So did you try the other two?

  john bunyan 11:14 06 Dec 2016

Thanks - found that website as mentioned in my first note. The problem is that they show no drivers for W 10 , only W 7,but will try them .The files are zipped and when I installed it, the camera would not open at all. Will try the others in turn. Somewhere I read of a registry fix . Annoying that Asus ignores this matter by not issuing an easy fix.

  john bunyan 11:25 06 Dec 2016


She is at a local Uni, but I will try the others. By the time you download and unzip the drivers, uninstall the existing ones, it takes ages. Will try them when I get access but it is annoying that Asus don't have a "Quickfix patch" to a known problem.

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