Asus Vivobook - Pentium B987 or Core i3-2365m

  Davey14 09:32 27 Feb 2013


I will be buying an Asus Vivobook shortly, either:-

Pentium B987 £369

Core i3-2365m £429

Is the extra £60 worth it for the better i3 processor machine (the other difference is that the i3 machine has bluetooth)

Any thoughts would be appreciated


  Chronos the 2nd 09:44 27 Feb 2013

Notebookcheck do a lot of benchmarks and looking at their big list the two processors are at 124 and 130, in practical terms they're identical in processing power - the i3's newer design, more cache and extra features make up for the shortfall in clock speed.

The i3 has the better integrated graphics (including quicksync support) as well as hardware virtualisation support (VT-x) for running virtual machines and a lower heat output.

So for me the lower heat would be a major factor if I was going to have this laptop on my knees for any length of time. Bluetooth would also be useful to me as I personally cannot use a touch pad so prefer a mouse and having bluetooth support means I would not need to tie up a USB slot by having a USB mouse connected.

  Woolwell 10:58 27 Feb 2013

I've just bought that Vivobook. For me the better processor was worth it. I managed to get one of the few left with the i3-3217U processor for just a few pounds more. Early days but I'm quite pleased with it.

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