ASUS VG248QE Red Trails Defect?

  Fireflew 21:51 20 Jan 2018


After using my new ASUS VG248QE monitor for a few hours I began to notice a very strange visual anomaly. Whenever anything bright moves against a dark background it leaves a strong red trail/after image that persists for a second or two. This only happens on the right side of the screen in a very specific region (roughly 40% of the screen is affected). Things such as the mouse cursor or the ASUS on screen display leave behind persistent red after images that gradually fade away.

When I watch videos or game on the monitor the entire picture is severely affected as anytime something moves on the right side of the screen there are garish red smudges. This issue is very different to "ghosting" and is not effected by slow response time. Instead it appears to be a hardware failure in the panel itself.

I have included some photos that show the issue and an animated gif that I recorded to show what the issue looks like in motion:

click here regards to trouble shooting the problem myself I have tried 3 different cables (2 displayport, 1 HDMI), various refresh rates (144hz, 120hz, 100hz, 60hz, etc) and every setting in the OSD and Nvidia Control Panel but nothing fixes the problem.

This is actually my THIRD VG248QE I have received in the past two weeks as the other two were sent back for having horrendous backlight bleed issues. Incidentally this current monitor with the red trail issue also has horrendous backlight bleed too...

Here is a photo of the current VG248QE (left) next to a Samsung monitor (right):

click here VG248QE monitor I have received has had this same backlight issue where the central portion of the display is clouded by large blobs of light. Initially I felt that this was a one off problem but after going through three monitors that have all presented the same visual defect I have lost faith in ASUS.

Do these monitors even undergo any quality assurance tests at all? if so how is it possible that I have received three defective ASUS products in a row! I am thoroughly fed up with the whole situation and at this point am considering giving up on the VG248QE (and ASUS) all together...


In Each

  Fireflew 21:52 20 Jan 2018

Woops, looks like some of the links didn't go through. This is the most important one anyway: click here

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