Asus Update left me with low CPU speed?

  [DELETED] 19:17 02 Jun 2006

Hi there,
Due to a small irritation with having to wait 30 minutes to starting pc having shut down, my last attempt to fixing it was a bios update using Asus Update.
The reason for this method is my floppy drive wont work properly to use the Aflash utility.

The end result wasnt great as i experinced display corruption and messages saying my VPU settings need to be recovered and restart, the restarting didnt help. I also had the blue screen.
Its working (just about) so i can post this thread but my cpu speed is set to low at 1.3ghz not 1.79 as it should be. The bios screen wont alow to me to set it correctly, i think it only had options of 500, 700, 1000 etc.

The everest pc information program is now acknowledging the new bios with the new number 1018 instead of the previous 1016, so i assume the bios update worked but left with a nervous, sluggish and unstable system.
I can give you any information you need.
Any help much appreciated.


  [DELETED] 19:59 02 Jun 2006

Did you make a back up of your original bios?

You could try flashing back to version 1016.

Go to the ASUS web site and check out support.

  [DELETED] 22:41 02 Jun 2006

thankyou, im having real trouble with my floppy drive, it wont read any floppies.
Im now having a problem getting to the bios with the delete key. This is a real problem as it is not booting properly now, and the cpu is running ar 1.30 ghz instead of the correct 1.79ghz.

Is there a way of rolling back the bios without the need of a floppy disc?
Im posting this now as i had to wait my usual 40 mins to start again.
I will now look into support pages now.

  [DELETED] 00:17 03 Jun 2006

I can now only go into bios once when i re-update the same bios version through AsusUpdate. On reboot it takes me into bios, cpu speed is reading 500mhz and Pci frequency is 100/33, does that need to be 133/33 or something?

My system in "system properties" is still reading speed as 1.30ghz and it is 500mhz in the bios.
Im really confused by it now, i saw in a thread that the "FSB"?? should be 133, i dont really know what this means.

The bios is unaccessable through the delete key on any restarts, but thankfully no more display corruption or blue screens after several restarts

Please help thanks!

  [DELETED] 10:58 03 Jun 2006

It might be helpful if you post the motherboard model and any other system information.

Are you sure you have the correct BIOS update for your particular board?

Secondly I know that many Asus boards instruct you to update via the AFUDOS BIOS update tool rather than using the Asus Update tool from within Windows.

I'm assuming that problems can occur if you use the wrong method.

You mention that there were problems leading up to the BIOS flash...did you post them on here?

If so a link to any previous threads might help.

Does your motherboard support Asus CrashFree BIOS?

If it des you should be able to recover the original BIOS from the motherboard cd....your manual will tell you how.

  [DELETED] 02:16 04 Jun 2006

HI gudgulf,
Thanks for your interest. I seem to have partialy solved the cpu speed issue.

Mobo: Asus A7V333,
CPU: AMD Athlon XP2100+

click here
Long thread im afraid, see last 5 posts

I took this out of the thread..

"Set the voltage to 1.60v, the multiplier to "auto" (or 13x) & the FSB to 133mhz"

Well this has given me 1.74ghz in system properties, i could only change the multipier to 12.5x, 13x wasnt an option, changed the PCI frequency (FSB i think) to 133/33, it was on 100.
Its odd as in the bios i used to have the option to set it to a figure under cpu speed which wasnt far off 1.74, this time its set to manual with speed options of 500, 700, 800 or 1000mhz.

Sytem is running fine so i hope its ok left like it is.

As for my original problem, it would be nice to get your opinion. It seems there is reason to believe the PSU is to blame where i have to wait 40 minutes to start up again with the switch being off.
Be appreciated to have your opinion, but if it is PSU then well, all i have to do is switch off at the back every time i have finished using the pc and i'll be able to start it again, no big problem, unless you are concerned at all.

Here is the thread from a few days ago, left open as i dont have a result yet, and not sure i will buy a new power supply #:=/

click here

Many thanks

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