ASUS Touch screen and W7

  iqs 17:36 14 May 2014

Hi, I have a ASUS S200E laptop,which is running W8 If I installed W7,would the touch screen still supported my W7 ? Thank you

  wee eddie 20:45 14 May 2014

Quite a few people have had difficulty trying to install W7 on W8 machines.

I believe it to be a poison chalice and not necessarily worth the hassle

  iqs 11:04 15 May 2014

Hi Many thanks for the help.

The reason for the change to W7 ,I have refreshed the install of W8 twice ,but it will not address the issues I'm experiencing with windows updates. Basically, the updates are not downloading .I ran the Microsoft updates fix tool,it listed many issues with corrupt files and services not responding. I cant update the laptop.

So I decided to bin W8 for W7


  iqs 15:15 15 May 2014

Hi, I was running W8.1 ,and worked like clock work. Things started to go wrong after the fresh install

I visited the ASUS website,yes,the site only provides W8 drivers

I'm currently in the process of reinstalling again.Hopefully this will work,third time lucky lol

If the recovery partition is corrupt ,then it looks like I will have to buy W8 ,I have an upgrade edition of W8 only being used on another PC.

Would my current OEM licence work with a retail OEM W8?


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