ASUS tablet will not start

  slaydeuk 15:54 02 Dec 2018

Having recently got back from holiday, I thought I would charge the tablet. (I only use it on holiday). I attached the charger and pressed the power button. No response! I discovered that if I held down the power button for about 10 seconds and continued to hold it down, the computer would boot up as normal into the desktop. However, as soon as I released the button it shut down. can anyone help?

  difarn 18:43 02 Dec 2018

Some tablets do not like to totally run out of charge. When they do they only seem to trickle charge Are you using a usb to PC to charge or usb to an a/c adapter? If to a PC try an a/c power adapter. Have you tried holding the power button for 30 seconds. If still nothing can you try to remove the cover and take out the battery, press the power button for 30 seconds and then re-connect. Plug it in and allow it to charge before powering on again.

  slaydeuk 20:44 02 Dec 2018

I have tried two different chargers. The computer is running quite happily at this moment, with the power button permanently depressed mechanically. I am trying to reset the computer, which looks as if it is trying, but, after about 10 minutes it hasn't done anything. Windows update and antivirus update work, but I know that when I remove the mechanical power button presser it will shut down. Hold the phone! it is now restarting. It is now resetting the PC. Looks like this is going to take a while so I'll update later

  slaydeuk 21:31 02 Dec 2018

Finished resetting Windows, but the fault remains - as soon as I removed the mechanical power button presser it shut down. Its probably a hardware problem and I can't get the back off to play around with the insides as the screen is level with the edge and I can't get any implement under it to prize it off. I might have to buy a new one unless someone has any more ideas.

  wee eddie 21:46 02 Dec 2018

Leave on charge for 24 hours

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