Asus T200TA 4GB RAM in Europe

  TomRichmond 13:34 26 Dec 2014

Hi there,

Want to get hold of the Asus T200TA. I live in UK.

There are two models, one with Atom Z3775 and 2GB RAM, and one with Atom Z3795 and 4GB RAM. I have seen a few comments in reviews suggesting that upgraded spec may not give massive improvements in performance (it will be running 64bit OS). It will be my only machine, but is unlikely to have to work hard, mostly web browsing, movie watching, some word processing and light spreadsheet work, and possibly simple video editing and CAD, but this will be rare and I am happy for the machine to have to think a little when I ask it to do these things! Most important for me is battery life, as I live on a boat without permanent AC connection, so if higher spec model will see a drastic reduction in run time then I'd rather stick with lower spec!

Secondly, I have found the upgraded spec for sale easily in America (T200TA-C1-BL) but have struggled to find it in the UK (T200TA CP016P) is only available from via Germany, and for high price! I can get from ebay in America for £320, plus import taxes of £100, but in UK cheapest listing is for £505! Seems to be a few available on German websites for around £450, but I am worried they may have German keyboard... Can anyone explain why this is? And let me know best way to proceed... Happy to pay slightly higher price if I get warranty etc, rather than international ebay!

Thanks, and Happy Christmas.

  spuds 14:17 26 Dec 2014

Have you contacted Asus support, because sometimes, model numbers change depending on the regions the items are sold. There might also be a slight specification change, again depending on regions, but may still fit your requirements.

Having a quick browse on the UK eBay website, it came up with the following, which may help a little, to what might be available click here

  TomRichmond 14:38 26 Dec 2014

Thanks for your answer...

I have not contacted Asus (figure I won't get much luck til after the weekend at least...)

The link you posted is a model available from America, which is subject to a considerable import tax, and the same model number only turns up other US sites, all of which either will not ship outside of mainland states, or are subject to import taxes. They will also come with the wrong AC socket...

I will keep searching.

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