Asus smart doctor can't see Asus graphics card

  Aristocatman 20:51 29 Oct 2010

Installed asus EAH4350 graphics card & software including smart doctor this is supposed to control card temperature, overclocking etc.
using XP Pro on startup smart doctor initialises & then reports can't find Asus graphics card. tried downloading & installing latest version same problem. this was a problem 2 years ago is it still a problem? doesn't show a big company like Asus in a good light!

  I am Spartacus 20:59 29 Oct 2010

Even over clocking the card by 10% is going to result in a card that still can't do much performance wise. I seem to recall they score about 2000 in 3DMark 06 so it's pretty pointless aiming for an overclock particularly as they seem to run fairly hot anyway. If it's the silent version then the only way to adjust temperatures is to under clock it or zip tie a fan to the heatsink.

The Catalyst Control Centre will allow you to under/over clock it.

  Aristocatman 21:13 29 Oct 2010

I'm not really interested in overclocking just temp control - not a gamer - more into CAD. yes it is the silent version in an HP xw6400 workstation card is new.

  Aristocatman 21:22 29 Oct 2010

forgot to add that it is the 1gb version

  I am Spartacus 22:06 29 Oct 2010

Although you could under clock it it won't reduce the temperatures a great deal. Putting a fan on the heatsink will cool it down a fair bit. Ensuring you you have decent airflow through the case helps also.

Are you having problems with it?

  I am Spartacus 22:09 29 Oct 2010

Also remembered that on both of the 2 I have that the heatsink didn't make good contact with the chip and the 'thermal paste' is rubbish. Changing that to a good quality one should drop the temperatures a few degrees.

  Aristocatman 09:04 30 Oct 2010

Thanks for replies, card is new so I don't yet know if it has a problem. My concern was the fact that the supplied controlling software didn't work & this seems to be an ongoing problem for some years, not a good reflection on Asus about time they sorted it!

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