Asus ROG maximus IX Formula, won't boot.

  Ran Ran 08:46 15 Jun 2017

so, again, english isn't my native language.

this is a FRESH NEW setup PC. so i didn't modification or OC the PC yet. no application installed.

PC specs : - MB : Maximus IX Formula - GPU : Asus Strix GTX 1080Ti OC Edition - Ram : 8x2 Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666 MHz - CPU : Intel core i7-7700k - PSU : Corsair RM850i - HDD : 1TB seagate - CPU Cooler : Deepcool captain ex 240

Problem : - No error LED Light up - Q Code 0A or DA, im not sure, there is no 0A in the manual user guide. and DA is boot fail. since I don't get boot error light up on my MB, it's could be 0A. - No display

something that I tried : - Remove all cable and set it up again. - Remove GPU to use internal GPU. - Only use single RAM - Set up different RAM slots. - Check at behind of my motherboard, and make sure no boards pins left without function. - Updated BIOS to new version. - Check 24pin and 8pin set up correctly. - Change hdd sata cable - Change hdd sata slot. - Change hdd power cable. - Check different monitor. - Change HDMI cable. - Change DP cable. - Change HDD to sshd.

any help would be appreciate.


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