Asus Radeon HD 7770 crashes while playing games

  SophieMayK 10:39 06 Sep 2013

Hello, Not sure if I am posting in the right place but I am having an issue with my graphics card. I have posted in several forums, with lots of "ideas" yet no actual help.

My system: 8GB RAM DDR3 Windows 7 AMD Quad Core Processor Corsair Builder Series CX 500 PSU Gigabyte 78lmt-USB3 Motherboard

The first 7770 card I had, I assumed to be faulty as it would crash after 30 seconds playing Saints Row 3. It also crashed on Sims 3 start up and Dota online. When I received a replacement the new card worked better but still crashes. I have improved the amount of crashes by using MSI Afterburner and turning off my automatic settings and allowing my card to do whatever fan speed it wants whereas before the card was restricted to 20. I have tried installing a Microsoft patch that allows more time for a game to respond when it crashes and this stops my PC from completely crashing and allows the game to continue after 1-2 minutes.

Here is a link to another forum with some other solutions I have tried: click here am running out of ideas and I am left believing I either need a better PSU of 600-750w or I need a different card because this card could possibly be pants.


  Chronos the 2nd 11:09 06 Sep 2013

I think that your PSU is more than enough for that particular GPU and your system in general. But that is not to say that a 600W PSU might not help but I am obviously reluctant to suggest going out and buying a new PSU if at the end of the day you still have the problem.

Is the game just crashing to the desktop, or is your PC crashing? Do you get BSOD's if so what is the error message/code? Have you looked at the Events Manager to see if there are any clues there to the problem?

  SophieMayK 12:03 06 Sep 2013

It used to crash to desktop, a few times it has completely rebooted the PC. I've never had BSOD. In events manager it states "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered." I've had this event 89 times. I usually see "Display drivers stopped responding" in a little pop up when it crashes to desktop.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:17 06 Sep 2013

Try downloading and installing Speedfan. After installing it, run it and select "charts" and then tick the boxes for GPU and CPU with temperature analyzing selected. Then run one of the games that lead to a crash. If Windows doesn't go down as well you will be able to see what the temperatures were as it crashed.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:18 06 Sep 2013

That helps a little, always useful to see the error message. I had a similar problem with my GTX 660 recently but mine was because I had unlocked the BIOS and which upped the voltage which in turn my GPU did not like at all.

But I am assuming that you have not overclocked your GPU so at the moment I have only minor suggestions to offer. Disabled AMD Overdrive, Roll back the driver,Defective GPU Bad, GPU temperatures,Old leftover driver interferences and of course not enough power.

  SophieMayK 12:38 06 Sep 2013

I uninstalled AMD Overdrive a while ago. When I contacted AMD about this they told me to uninstall it as it can cause confliction.. I have been using MSI Afterburn since then but have not tweaked any settings besides the fan. My temperature of my GPU reaches 40 max but there is no option for the CPU in Speedfan for me?

  SophieMayK 12:40 06 Sep 2013

Sorry it says it reaches 48 in Speedfan but only 40 in MSI. Sorry for double post, don't see an edit button!

  Chronos the 2nd 12:51 06 Sep 2013

Not allowed an edit button here.

40° or 48° is fine as far as temps go. Have you run something like the Nvidia hair demo which used to crash my problematic 660? Or perhaps Furmark? Or perhaps 3dmark to stress your GPU.

  SophieMayK 14:47 06 Sep 2013

It went up to 52° with the Nvidia hair demo, no crash though. (Pretty cool I might add!) It did only run at 14 FPS though.. With Furmark I left it running for 10 minutes and it averaged out to 83° with a FPS of 24.

  SophieMayK 15:06 06 Sep 2013

I also played Sims 3 for about 6-7 hours straight three days ago and now crashes when I load up my sim.. It won't and now it doesn't.

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