ASUS R7 Graphics Card Causes Monitor to go into Power Save Mode

  RonanMerriman 14:45 17 Feb 2015


So I've been having this believably frustrating issue with my graphics card (named below) where it would send the monitor into power save mode when starting up my PC (specs below). I used to get it on when I got it, approx. a year ago, by turning the PC on followed by the monitor at different time intervals. Turning both on at the same time didn't seem to work. Then I read that pressing F5 worked on boot so I tried that and it worked first time. From then on I basically spammed F5 on very boot with some taking 1 try and others taking 5-7 tries to get the monitor working. Now that doesn't work at all anymore. Everything in the PC works fine, including the graphics card. The card has worked before but only sometimes, which is the frustrating thing. All the fans spin up on the card and there's even a green light. Everything is grand, I've even logged onto windows before by typing my password (windows sounds and stuff). Plugging my DVI into the onboard graphics works no problem. Monitor works first time every time, no issues.

What I've Already Tried:

I've tried a different monitor and DVI cable with same results. I've tried a HDMI cable. I can't try a VGA as the graphics card doesn't have a VGA slot. I've re-seated the card and the RAM several times, worked maybe once or twice. I've changed windows power plans and changed things int the BIOS. One time, quite recently, after changing setting in the BIOS, things worked immediately after reconnecting the card. This leads me to believe that something in the BIOS could be the answer, don't know though as the card and monitor went back to normal (not working) the next time I powered up the PC. I've disabled ULPS (someone suggested it). I've even spent hours trying my aforementioned methods of getting the monitor working to no avail.

I really need this fixed as I can't go on like this. If anyone knows anything or has any ideas I would greatly appreciate.

Buying a new card is possible but I'd really rather not. Also I'd rather use the card instead of staying with the onboard graphics.

PC Specs:

Graphics Card in Question: ASUS Radeon R7265-DC2-2GD5 - 2GB - PCI-E

Processor: Intel Core i5-4670K @ 3.40GHz

Motherboard: ASUS Z87-K

Ram: 8.00GB

Monitor: Dell U2312HM

  Daisy_Michael 13:53 18 Feb 2015

Sounds like an issue with the driver & utilities.

First Thing: Try downloading the latest driver and utilities (according to your OS) from click here & install them.

Well, you need to have access to an alternate monitor for installing the drivers and utilities.

2nd Thing: Additionally, a six pin PCIe power is always a need to run this uninterrupted and I'm not sure about the Power Supply you are using.

  RonanMerriman 18:32 18 Feb 2015

I'll get on installing those utilities, I'm using a DVI so I would assume that the VGA one there doesn't matter, I might be wrong. I've got a six pin power connector for the card, I know it works as there is a green light on the card when it's in and a red one when it's out, plus the card won't power on without it, but that's irrelevant. My power supply is AC 230V and has an outage of 500 watts from what I can read off the stickers on it. I checked the card's power usage and it was about 150 watts, so it should be fine as far as power goes, right?

Thanks for the suggestion, I've been dealing with this problem for so long and looked for help on multiple forums with no replies, even the ASUS support one. Thanks again, I'll get back with the results.

  RonanMerriman 18:36 18 Feb 2015

In fact, will it make a difference whether the card is the active display while installing the stuff? I'm currently using the onboard graphics so will it have the same effect if I download and install them now and try the card later?

  RonanMerriman 19:30 18 Feb 2015

It worked! I installed all the utilities and then powered off and reconnected the graphics card. Turned the PC on a boom, display shows up instantly, I restarted twice to make sure I wasn't dreaming, I wasn't. Thank you so much!

  Daisy_Michael 11:02 19 Feb 2015

You're welcome! :)

  RonanMerriman 15:39 19 Feb 2015

I turned on the computer this morning in anticipation and excitement of stress free day with a working graphics card for the first time in months... but unfortunately to my absolute anger and despair, power save mode was back. I tried several times to no avail. I tried getting on with onboard video and re-installing the utils and drivers but that did nothing. I dug up an VGA adapter to try a VGA cable, that didn't work. I also tried using both my original DVI and the new VGA in the hope that one would at least catch on, but of course, no such luck.

Any other ideas? Anyone?

  Daisy_Michael 07:48 23 Feb 2015

I'm not sure if it would be convenient for you but I'd recommend a fresh installation of windows, if you could bother to do it.

Doing so would copy the needed files right from the beginning; it may sounds like a lengthy option but might help you to overcome your concerns for a longer run.

Once done, proceed with the installation of drivers & utilities from the manufacturer website.

  RonanMerriman 18:24 27 Feb 2015

A few days ago I thought that I had fixed this issue forever, however that what not the case. After turning off all the sleep options and setting my power plan to 'High Performance', the PC worked like three times in a row first try with the card. But after a few days of not using the thing it went back to the old ways. Any info/ideas on this? I'll look into a clean windows re-install.

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