Asus PN32-E SLI Part 3 Final & Memory upgrade

  Audio~~Chip 11:43 18 Feb 2011

Friends Desktop a mesh Desktop with Vista, had 4GB DDRII 533MHz now trying to get a 4GB Memory Kit DDR1066 from Crucial to work on this motherboard and not getting anywhere.

No screen with the DDRII 1066MHz 4GB Memory on this motherboard anda constant Bleep. Put back the DDRII 533Mhz no problem. This DDRII 533Mhz was a Kingston Memory 4GB kit

Is the motherboard going to need a BIOS upgrade to fix the issue of the faster 1066Mhz or re-set the CMOS because it had the 533MHz

Does anyone or has any group member happen to have the same board with DDRII 1066 and any issues maybe what BIOS version on this Asus P5N32-E SLI Motherboard PLEASE

  GaT7 13:17 18 Feb 2011

According to Asus click here (& assuming I have the model right), the board supports upto DDR 800Mhz, but shouldn't really be a problem if you install 'faster' RAM.

I would try the CMOS reset first with the power cord unplugged.

If that fails, with the old RAM reinstalled, try setting the voltage manually to match the new Crucial's RAM voltage ratings, save settings & shut down soon after. You will be in effect over-volting the previous RAM, but only for a few seconds. Unplug power cord, replace RAM with new ones, reattach power cord & reboot.

Also, may be helpful if you could let us know the exact model number of the Crucial set. G

  Audio~~Chip 13:28 18 Feb 2011

Only problem is before I reset the CMOS/BIOS with the Crucila 1066Mhz fitted the Screen will not synch and displays cable not connected. No Display hopefully clearing the CMOS will get me a screen to work with.

  Audio~~Chip 23:20 18 Feb 2011

Yes the board is correct model Asus P5N32-E SLI Current BIOS is 802 which is fairly old.

Crossbow7 I don't know what the memory timings are for the Crucial DDRII PC2-8500 1066MHz also this crucial is a 4GB Kit supplied with 2 DIMMS x 2GB each so total of 2 not 4 DIMMS

I have tried different DIMM Sockets with no luck.

Crossbow7 I have now fitted the older DIMMS, can you please assist me with the manual configuration of the Crucial DDRII 1066MHz Please

  GaT7 11:03 19 Feb 2011

Audio~~Chip, what's the exact model number of the Crucial RAM? Or, its voltage rating?

Yes, that's quite an old BIOS version - latest is 1903. G

  Audio~~Chip 11:49 19 Feb 2011

the Crucial model no is CT2KIT25664AA1067 Its 2x 2GB DIMMS total is 2 Dimms not 4 just incase I confuse anyone.

  Audio~~Chip 12:44 19 Feb 2011

I have updated a BIOS on my own machine over the years but with this being a Mesh Brand is there any risk of updating the BIOS with it being a MESH like some sort of BIOS Lock ?

  GaT7 12:55 19 Feb 2011

Right, these are rated at 1.8V which is pretty standard, so no RAM voltage increase necessary.

It's going to be trial & error from here on, so bear with me. Also, I'm looking at the BIOS section in the PDF manual, so I may not see every screen you see.

Go into the BIOS & enter the 'Extreme Tweaker' section, choose AI Tuning & set it to Manual.

Now FSB & Memory Config should become selectable, so enter it.

Set FSB - Memory Clock Mode to Unlinked.

Change FSB (QDR), Mhz to 1066.

Save changes (usually F10), exit the BIOS & reboot.

If that doesn't work, then leave everything as it is but increase the NB Core Voltage slightly, up to 1.40V. So start with 1.20, save changes & reboot. Then 1.25, 1.30, 1.35 & finally 1.40. NB Core Voltage can be found under: Extreme Tweaker > Over Voltage.

If no joy with that either, I think you should consider a BIOS update. I would recommend using their built-in BIOS updater to do it, & NOT the software update method that can be done while in Windows. Just ask if you need help with this. G

  Audio~~Chip 14:08 19 Feb 2011

i can only change these settings with the old Kingston fitted as with the Crucial it will not boot or dispaly anything on screen.

So when changing these settings, I understand I re-fit the Crucial DIMMS to try it?

  GaT7 16:30 19 Feb 2011

Yes, that's right. Re-fit the Kingston RAM - one module is enough. After saving settings, shutdown the PC as soon as the screen goes blank. Unplug power cord, swap for newer RAM, reattach power cord & bootup again.

Sorry, if it doesn't work the first time there'll be lots of changing to do! G

  Audio~~Chip 16:47 19 Feb 2011

Just managed to get back home, will have to carry out the above tonight. Thanks again for sticking with me on this!

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