ASUS P5Q3 wireless "[email protected]" motherboard

  sydsnott 15:11 14 Dec 2016

This is a problem I"ve had from 2007, the wireless card occasionally decides to disconnect. Usually I can persuade it to function again, but it is something of a lottery, today, I have exhausted all avenues, rebooted the PC, and also the router to no avail, the sodding thing still proudly proclaims "Disconnected"! Any one know how to force the bloody thing to earn its keep? :D

  sydsnott 15:23 14 Dec 2016

Grr! the drstted thing has finally decided to get off it's arse and work! God alone knows how I've achieved that, ...sometimes success alone is not enough!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:05 14 Dec 2016

Device Manager - riight click the card - properties - power tab

Make sure "Allow the compter to switch off..." is unticked - press ok

  sydsnott 17:44 06 Jan 2017

Hi Fruit Bat, happy new year!

Sorry I took so long to reply, been using another machine over Christmas and didn't have chance to follow your instructions till today

In Device Mgr. there are three entries under "Network Adapters" :-

802.11n adapter, Marvell Yukon PCI Gigabit controller, and Marvell Yukon PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller.

I suspect you would say just remove the tick in the 802.11n adapter, but since all three have the same box ticked on their respective Power Management tabs, I though what the hell, live a little and gratuitously squander some Electricity!

I suppose it makes no difference with it being a PC rather than a laptop?

Truly grateful to finally (I hope) solve that problem, ...pity it's come at the end of it's working life, what with Vista support ending in March!

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