Asus P5N32-E SLI in a desktop

  Audio~~Chip 22:19 14 Feb 2011

Trying to help a friend out with his machine which went faulty after power cut. Firstly he had his memory upgrade about 6 months ago but kept the older memory that was originally fitted.

Also I like to add he didn't look after the DIMMS to well in storage.

Problem now is the machine based on a Intel Duo or Quad core? with Vista. The PSU had become faulty, which is temp replaced by myself, he has a Nvidia 8800 GTX Pci Express graphics card which houses 2 6 pin power points also.

When booting on the machine there is this high pitched alarm sound not like the usual bleep, bleep, bleep. I have never heard a perminant High pitched tone like this.

i have a spare Pci Express, some DDRII memory, and a 650w PSU spare but only with 1 PCI Exp power though I do have another PCI Exp adapter.

Where should I start please to try and get the machine to booting at least to a testing stage for memory.

His memory is 4x DDR533 DIMMS of Kingston, & orignal he has x2 Elixir 533MHz 1GB DIMMS & i have x2 1GB Crucial DDR800 DIMMS

  Audio~~Chip 23:08 14 Feb 2011

PSU which I have tried not feeding enough watts.

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