Asus P5N-E-SLI

  Mark5001 23:06 01 Aug 2008

Bought this board from e-bay to replace my Asrock board because I want to use my second graphics card in sli mode. Anyway I fitted the board with all the components and it booted up fine. However when installing windows, it gets to about 10 seconds and shuts down. I am trying to use:
Intel q6600 quad core
3GB ddr2 667mhz Ram
500GB sata HDD Samsung
3 Samsung DVD Re-Writers (2 SATA 1 EIDE)
I have the sata floppy disk for installing drivers first, but I have also slipstreamed my XP Pro to install to SATA without it. Tried both ways, and no luck. Tried each stick of RAM in turn and all together. Changed the multiplier and FSB to various settings, Removed the battery and reset the real time clock. I always build my own systems but this has me stumped. Any ideas?

  Giggle n' Bits 23:47 01 Aug 2008

I would cut down and start with

1GB memory of same brand and check the memory for compatibility with this board.

Then install xp with 1 DVD or optical drive

Also how many watts is your PSU ?

  Mark5001 06:19 02 Aug 2008

450 Watts.

  crosstrainer 07:23 02 Aug 2008

Sounds like you have a PSU issue you don't say which graphics cards you are using, but most now draw extra power from the PSu via special connectors on the cards.

450watts is not going to be enough for two high end cards in sli mode.

To confirm this, try the install with just one card installed.

  Mark5001 08:47 02 Aug 2008

I was only installing with one card to start with. The cards are Nvidia 8500GT's 1GB memory models. There are no power connectors only the SLI contacts that you put the bridge on.
I had Motherboard & CPU,3GB Elixir Ram,1 X 8500GT GC,SATA HDD and 3 DVD-RW plugged in at the time of attempted install of XP.The board has another small pcb that has to be reversed to allow 2 graphics cards & I made sure this was set on one only.Next attempt was 1GB ram, 1 DVD RW, but all to no avail. Machine switches off even before the format hdd to install windows is seen.

  Mark5001 11:47 02 Aug 2008

After some googling, I seem to have found out that the board does not have bios support for the 45nm kentsfield processors, and no updates are available on the Asus site either. Looks like another purchase is looming. This board is therefore up for grabs free to anyone who wants it.Little yellow envelope time :-)

  I am Spartacus 13:06 02 Aug 2008

It should support 45nm CPUs click here

Click on downloads then the CPU Support option on the left of the screen. It's not working at the moment but try later.

  Mark5001 14:03 02 Aug 2008

I found a page before that stated it supports 45nm processors but only dual core??? This as you say, tells me that it does support quad core. Now i'm getting a large headache. I also have, not long ago, tried again to install with an IDE drive instead of SATA. Same problem, it just shuts down after about 10 seconds. I do not have enough time to even check the bios as it does it here too. So maybe the board is faulty?? Thanks for all the help so far from everybody.

  I am Spartacus 14:10 02 Aug 2008

CPU overheating? You have checked that there's thermal paste on the CPU?

  I am Spartacus 14:17 02 Aug 2008

Also if you're using the pushpins mounts on the heatsink then make sure they're fully clicked home.

  crosstrainer 14:31 02 Aug 2008

If all else fails and you have a floppy drive installed, you could try flashing the BIOS. This as I'm sure you know is not for the faint of heart :)

Your PSU should run both cards, but I still think it's borderline. Remove all but one memory stick, and make the floppy your first boot device.

Download the latest BIOS flash from:

click here

The site is busy at the moment so try later on. Follow the instructions, copy the files to a floppy, re-boot with it in the drive and allow the process to update the BIOS.

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