Asus P5AD2-E mobo front panel audio header query

  ATCA1 21:49 11 Dec 2004

Asus P5AD2-E premium
I'm slowly working through the handbook that came with my new board and would like some advice on connecting the front panel audio header. Asus say that the header complies with both the old AC'97 audio definition and the new HD audio pin configeration (Bios selectable). I understand that to mean that it complies with the Intel standard IFPA header pin-outs, am I correct here? I want to connect some front panel sockets to this header ie. mic, headphone and line-out sockets, such as those from The manual only suggests a High Definition front panel audio module(?)will connect here, no mention of separate sockets, with the correct cables, is made at all. What module type do they mean? Asus could not clear up the confusion. Can anyone help? There are two rows of five pins and in AC'97 form they are listed as (on one row) mic2,micpwr,line-out R,nc?and line-out L.
The next row of five pins are AGND, nc, nc, pin missing, nc. I believe that nc means no connection but that doesn't match the standard for AC'97 which gives the second row as AGND,AGND,pin missing,FP(Frontpanel)return-R and lastly, FP return-L. They seem so similar, are they the same pin-outs? Could the manual have a misprint? The High Definition audio pin outs (when switched over by the bios) are the same in the handbook as those given by Intel.
This is my first ever post and also my first new pc build, it's not yet functional by the way.
Thank you.

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