Asus P4S533 MX mother board (Graphic Problems)

  phenyl5 19:09 19 Sep 2003

New board installed and Can't get above 16 colours. Downloaded the latest asus display and agp drivers NO CHANGE!!

the software that came with the motherboard on the disc will only function in a display mode higher than 265 colours. But I cannot get any higher then 16 colours presently @ 640 by 480

OS: win 98SE
RAM: 256 MB @ P100 SDRAM (DIMMS)

Cannot go to 800 by 600pixels @ 16bit.

Can you help???

  mark500 20:34 19 Sep 2003

click here

More Drivers. Have you got this version.

  dfghjkl 20:35 19 Sep 2003

sounds like graphics drivers not installed properly,sorry i cant help more but thread will go to top again

  xania 20:36 19 Sep 2003

You don't mention it so I will first remind you that, whenever you insytall a new mobo, you MUST reinstall your OS from scratch, so that all the correct drivers for your new mobo are allowed to replace the old drivers and are fully registered. Of course, you will then install the mobo 4-in-one drivers etc, and this will now give you a clean system. Now you can proceed to install the drivers that came with your graphics cards - you should then find all your full graphics controls restored.

  xania 20:38 19 Sep 2003

Sorry about the typos =- the last line should read 'graphics card'

  phenyl5 09:07 20 Sep 2003

Thanks for reply. Have started with FDISK and Format then reinstall Win 98 - no luck.
Could there be conflict between P100 DIMMS SDRAM and AGP 4X? Although ASUS manual claims PC 100 non-ECC SDRAM OK.

  phenyl5 10:10 20 Sep 2003

Checked components again and found my memory is PC100 ECC but Motherboard Manual indictes:-
NON-ECC PC100. Is this the problem ?[means nothing to me!].

  xania 20:40 21 Sep 2003

No -pretty certain this is to do with your graphics drivers. Have you installed both the 4-in-one drivers provided by with the mobo and THEN the graphics drivers. If yes to both, chewck to sdee if there are any driver updates and install these. Any mobo updates, you should reinstall your graphics drivers.

  phenyl5 14:49 22 Sep 2003

Thanks for response. Have done already what you say - I think - but will check later again Funny how companies such as Asus don't respond at all. They along with others print ridiculus claims on their logos etc. 'Our Vision', 'Excellence', 'the epitome of world-class engg' etc. And their instruction manuals & products are, well, ordinary!
So I have given up and put a 64M nVidia PCL card on board - works fine. So 2 Q's:-
1. Is this as good as the on-board AGP card?
2. I bought 256MB DDR PC2100 to replace my 256MB PC100. As this MB runs both can I install both and run them together?

Thanks again.

  xania 20:44 22 Sep 2003

I always judge a company by actiomns - not words. I have yet to find ANY mobo supplier that responds to e-mails (but others may have better experinces to offer). Your questions. I misssed the point that you graphics card was on-board. Others may disagree, but I would NEVER risk it. On-board sound may be OK-ish, but I want more from my graphics. I reckon that any card you can buy will be a better bet. Don't forget to disable the on-board via your BIOS setup - hopefully your manual will explain how. Re the RAm, I don't THINK you can mix them, but once again see what your manual says. Certainly, the newer memory will be better, and that should be ample for a 98SE system.

  phenyl5 22:11 22 Sep 2003

Thanks for your help Xania, that just about finishes it! A complete answer. Once again this site lives up to the title of 'excellent'.

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