Asus nightmare. I don't know if my laptop is in for repair or not.

  bristolgirl 14:15 26 Apr 2012

Hi. I hope someone can help me. You are always so helpful and kind here. However, I am having a complete nightmare with Asus and I don't know where to turn. My laptop CMOS battery is faulty. The laptop is less than a year old and as it is still under warranty, I contacted them to say that it was faulty and could I have it repaired. Actually, it was someone on this site who suggested that it might be faulty due to another problem I was experiencing.

Anyway, I am going away for 10 days from Monday and so last week thought it would be a good time to contact Asus, as I could hopefully have it repaired whilst I was away. A week on, I don't know where I am. I do not even know if they are coming to collect it or not.

At first they gave me instructions to change my bios to see if that cured it and I followed their instructions and it didn't work. So they contacted the technical department internally to arrange collection (I must add, that all this took a while)! The technical department emailed me, to say that is was a software fault, my bios needed changing and therefore cancelled my collection. They gave me the same set of instructions as the initial department and so I had to contact them all over again, as you are not allowed to email the technical department back.

Next I had to fill in their RMA form (whatever that is, I don't know but they keep referring to it) to arrange collection again. I was supposed to receive a text confirming the day and time for collection. Apparently, this takes 2 working days. Needless to say, that time has passed. I've never received this text and whilst I know I have told them many, many times that I will be away from Monday, they appear not be acknowledging this.

I contacted them about my lack of not receiving my collection text. Today I have received 4 emails from them. The first saying that I will be receiving my text about collection in the next few days (don't know what happened to the 2 working days), the second asking for my RMA (?) number and serial number again. (A little worrying). The third asking me to do the form again, as they needed to arrange a collection, as the last one appeared to have failed (which I just couldn't bring myself to do) and the last one telling me that RMA number has been raised on 25.04.2012. Please await the collection which is due to be made by DPD. (haven't a clue what DPD is either).

I am so sorry for the rant but I am at breaking point over it all. They appear to have no complaints department and I am getting so many different answers in their emails to me, I just don't know what is happening.

  bjh 14:22 26 Apr 2012

Can't help much, but DPD is a courier, presumably the one entrusted with collecting your laptop. So, that sounds like collection has been arranged, and it is now down to the courier to collect it...

Deep breath... that's better! ;))

(I wasn't "in" on the earlier discussion as to what was wrong, so I can't help there. However, if the CMOS battery is merely flat, I wouldn't expect that to be covered by warranty...)

  KRONOS the First 14:43 26 Apr 2012

You should have contacted the company you bought the Laptop from, unless of course you bought it directly from Asus.

RMA is return merchandise authorization, most companies use this system as it is a way of keeping a track on items.

After receiving your RMA number you should then get notification on how to return the item. Some companies use couriers like DPD (Direct Parcel Delivery) others companies want you to send it back recorded delivery. All this information should be available from the returns section of the company you bought the laptop from website.

  bristolgirl 21:45 26 Apr 2012

Many thanks for all your help, especially the explinations of RMA and DPD.

Just had a text from Asus (well I think it's them) saying that there will be a delivery for me tomorrow. Guess they mean a pickup.

Don't know if this is going to work now. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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