asus nforce drivers or nvidia drivers

  pookie 10:36 24 Dec 2003


windows xp home, 9700 ati, asus a7n8x-x mobo with onboard sound, 1024 Mb ram.
I got the above mobo about 1 month ago. i did reformat and installed using the asus mobo nforce2 cd drivers. however the nvidia website has nforce2 drivers version 3.13 dated november 03 (i think my asus cd was an older version). the asus website does not have any recent driver issues.

should I install new drivers from nvidia or stick to the asus ones? if i should use the nvidia ones do i just install them over my existing ones or do i need to reformat and reinstall xp and then use the new nvidia nforce 2 drivers?

many thanks


  Big Elf 12:51 24 Dec 2003

It might be an idea to download it again

  pookie 13:32 24 Dec 2003

hi - the first time i downloaded it from the 'primary' site. i've re downloaded it from a 'mirror' site and it has download as a .exe file and has a 'proper' icon.

i'll create a restore point and just double click on the downloaded nvidia.exe?

many thanks


  [DELETED] 13:40 24 Dec 2003

Uninstall the old farceware drivers before installing the new ones and be cautious of the nVidiot IDE drivers they are the cause of much trouble, although many seem to think the latest set are ok i still prefer to use the M$ ones.

  pookie 13:44 24 Dec 2003

oh no - how do i uninstall my current nforce drivers - is it just from add/remove programs in control panel?

  [DELETED] 13:50 24 Dec 2003

sure do :-) you could put them over the top of the old ones but given nVidias track record i would uninstall them first. They will be shown as NVIDIA nForce drivers.

If they aint there just bang them over the top and keep your fingers crossed. TBH i have never noticed any difference between any of the nforce drivers in either stability (apart from said IDE drivers) or performance.

  pookie 10:34 27 Dec 2003

hi - just as an update i uninstalled the old asus nforce drivers and installed the downloaded nvidia ones. i have to say benchmarks don't show any increase but more importantly they don't show any decrease and the system has been stable.


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