Asus N551VW will not turn on with new HDD

  jd.surfista 09:59 26 Sep 2018

I have an ASUS Laptop N551VW the hard drive is failing so I have bought a new one. When I put in the new drive the laptop will not power on. Nothing. The laptop also has a 120gb mSATA with the windows 10 system on it. So with no Hard drive it boots up(and with the old hdd), but as soon as I connect the new hard drive it will not start. I have reset BIOS and I have tried the new disk in a caddy and it works. I've also formatted the new disk. Any ideas what might be causing this?

  Forum Editor 08:46 27 Sep 2018

So, the BIOS is set to boot from the drive with the operating system and it recognises the new hard drive when it is in the caddy and presumable assigns a drive letter - do you get any kind of message from the BIOS when you try to boot with the new drive in the machine?

I assume you have formatted the new drive as NTFS? (I know it's a basic question, but it's worth checking).

  jd.surfista 14:59 27 Sep 2018

Hi Thanks for the reply, when the hard dive is in the the machine I cannot access BIOS as it will not even power up. It's as if it detects that it is not the original drive and it refuses to allow any power to the system at all. I have ordered a DVD bay caddy to fit into the laptop to see if it can be used that way It is formatted as NTFS yes.

  jd.surfista 20:59 27 Sep 2018

To update I have put the new hard drive in a dvd caddy and it works fine. I have seen on another forum that somebody had a similar problem with an ASUS. If anyone finds a solution to use the hard drive bay I would like to know.

  Forum Editor 08:35 28 Sep 2018

I am sure you made absolutely certain that the new drive was firmly connected when you fitted it into the drive bay?

  Pablo de Catio 08:50 28 Sep 2018

What is the make and model number of the new hard drive?

Does it have jumpers to set for priority boot?

  jd.surfista 13:24 29 Sep 2018

Hi, the drive was this one: Toshiba L200 500GB 5400RPM 2.5" SATA HDWJ105UZSVA (Bulk) click here

This has 4 jumper pins and the default is no jumper added, jumpers in mobile SATA is for reduced power spin up and spread spectrum clocking (what ever that is).

The one I was trying to replace is a HGST 7K1000 which looks like this: click here but it was a 750 GB version. The old drive has no jumpers.

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