Asus motherboard and modem

  jaimie 20:18 09 Jul 2003

I have built a new system with asus motnerboard A7N266 1.8 athlon and 256MB mem. Running windows Xp professional. The problem is that when I install a modem the found new hardware wizard starts but then the machine restarts and it just goes on and on restarting until I remove the modem. It's a new but cheap Sparkle 56 K device. I have installed another older modem with the same result. A network card in the same slot works OK. A sound card in any slot forces the endles restarts as well. Any bright ideas anyone please?


  BillEmm 21:31 09 Jul 2003

Just a first reaction.

Try going into safe mode after installing the driver/s. If that is successful then restart in normal mode. Sometimes this works.

Make sure you have the latest XP driver. I have found that early XP drivers are not too happy after XP SP1 is installed and is caused by dodgy code. It is no coincidence that many device drivers were updated after the release of SP1 - anybody notice?

Just a thought.


  Pillo 21:58 09 Jul 2003

Hi Jaimie,

Thought you may be interested, I've recently built two systems using the same components as yourself (i.e same motherboard, memory and Sparkle modem). The only difference being I used a 1.3 Duron in both machines. Everything went fine with no problems. Sorry!!

  jaimie 07:11 10 Jul 2003

BillEmm. the trouble is I can't install the drivers because as soon as I install the modem the machine goes into terminal startups. I discovered that a sound card will install and so will a network card but two different modems produce the effect described above

  BillEmm 14:50 10 Jul 2003

There are a few possible causes of this:

The card is faulty and is drawing too much power from the PSU which removes power to the PC until whatever voltage supply is restored then reboots.

Some form of unrecoverable exception error in Windows XP. This also can cause a continuous rebooting cycle if this option is set - see following:

Click Start, right Click on My Computer then Properties.
Choose the Advanced Tab
Click on the Startup and Recovery Setting Button
and check to see if the Automatically Restart (System failure section) is ticked.

If it is then untick it. This stop the rebooting recyle and will cause any exception error to show a blue screen error information page which may contain some useful data about the problem.

Thoughts for the moment.


  jaimie 18:11 10 Jul 2003

Thanks to all who advised, I did start the machine in safe mode and installed the modem that way and rebooted into normal startup and it worked.

Many thanks to all who replied for some very usefull information


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