asus motherboard a7v333

  shooter54 07:44 13 Aug 2003

help can anyone give me the right settings for this board as my son bought this board at a pc fair and the setting are all messed up
All the six clock settings are at zero and a message on screnn says no array display set.
it is a 21xp athalon with a barton core
i have no motherboard manual or cd any help would get this pc going

Hi there,

I have just sold a A7V333 and the first thing you will need to do is to ensure that the revision of the board is 1.06 or higher. Any less and you will not be able to run the Barton core. There may be workarounds but if you have Rev 1.0 forget it, none will work.

Secondly, the "No Array" refers to the raid facility. There is a small jumper to the top right of the bios battery - this needs to be set to "off" (I cant remember the correct pins settings but the manual, which can be downloaded, will show you.

As to the dip switches, again, you will need the manual to show which need to be on and which off. There is a jumper that allows the board to auto detect the cpu and in this case, if it is enabled, the board will run in "Jumperfree" mode and you can then make all you settings in the bios. If this is set to jumperfree then the dipswitches should be in the 0 or off position.

if you need a link to the manual let me know.

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