Asus Motherboard

  ameba28 09:22 05 Sep 2003

My System:Windows ME: 4.90.3000
Authentic AMD
AMD Duron (tm) Processor
320.omb ram
A computer friend who tinkers with pc's suggested I get this stuff and he will installit/build it..
I bought asus motherboard A7V8X-X/LAN/EAYZ. It had no back plate in the package. Not terribly important as I could always call into shop and get one. I also got a Chaintech GeFORCE 4 graphics card MX 440,
DDR-333 256 MB,
ATX 8870 silver 300W w/USB

Once it was installed we did not get a picture up on screen when we turned on PC.
He said the motherboard is crap. Can I ask if you guys experienced problems like this with motherboards and is the guy just saying the motherboard is crap because he screwed up?
I don't want to go back to shop and tell the guy the board is crap.
The guy installing everything usually knows what he is doing and buit up PC's for plenty of people
so I can't say he doesn't know what he is doing.

  SheffieldSpy 09:41 05 Sep 2003

Ensure that the graphics card is firmly in place and be very careful attaching the monitor signal cable. I have a Soyo motherboard, but find my ATI All in Wonder graphics card is very picky about how it works. If the graphics card isn't seated right you don't get a picture.

  ameba28 09:50 05 Sep 2003

I am going to take it into the shop and ask him to test it. And if it is the same, I should be able to get a replascement without too much of a hastle.
I'll let you know what happens. I'm sure the graphics card was installed properly as it is running on my pc now and I now have 320 MB ram as well. Before I had 304. I am taking the motherboard, 2000 xp processor thingy > :) <, and new casing I bought into shop and let him test them. Well, not the casing. Thats fine.

  BigMoFoT 12:26 05 Sep 2003

Asus boards in my opinion are one of the best avilable on the market - I think it could be a setup problem, but still could be a fulty component!!

  TonyM 12:40 05 Sep 2003

I had the same problem with this board. Mine gave no video signal at all - just a single beep repeating every few seconds. A bit of research with Asus and through this forum told me this meant the memory I was using wasn't being recognised....tried with various sticks of RAM (all known to be working) and always got the same result.

I returned the board to the supplier and got a refund...

Perhaps a dodgy batch ?

  ameba28 13:10 05 Sep 2003

Thanks guys, I took it to shop but the "engineer was not in today...conviently......I hate that.
I hads to leave it in shop and the guy said call in tomorrow. He said my guy may not have configured it properly. Right! looking for any excuse to blame me or my friend.
If I am lucky to get a refund/replacement for the motherboard and processor. Any suggestions for replacements to go with the DDR-333 256MB?
don't want to have to buy another one to go with anything new?

  medicine hat 13:22 05 Sep 2003

As BigMoFoT says Asus boards are generally regarded as the best. There is nothing inherently wrong with the A7V8X and I like this board. If you must have another board perhaps try the A7N8X, which has the highly regarded nVidia chipset.

  ameba28 13:40 05 Sep 2003

Thanks Medicine Hat, a replacement board might be all I need but I have taken note of your suggestion. Or any others that may come in.

  ameba28 22:06 07 Sep 2003

hey guys, turned out to be a faulty memory card. took it back to shop and he would replace it or give me money back. I told him I would go to Trading Standards on Monday. He then would not give me my stuff back. I had to call police..being a saturday, busy day for police in Glasgow city centre...I had to wait a bit. In between waiting, an almighty row was in progress as I had to explain to the asian shop owner that he will get charged for theft if he does not give the stuff back.
I was warning people who came into the shop not to deal with the guy. Just before my boyfriend turned up, whom I had also called,he decides to give me my stuff back....boyfriend appears as he is packing stuff into bags or whatever and boyfriend goes mental with him......It was not a nice scene to say the least. Why the owner thought he could get away with it, I don't know? Later discovered he blew up my processor chip for badness when my back was turned waiting for police.
To everyone in the Glasgow area or surrounding areas who are buying PC stuff, don't go to the one under the central station bridge. Only one there so you'll know it.
Got cheaper replacements, and my friend got everything going again. had to end up reinstalling everything though and now I have to go round finding all my passwords and things again for sites.
Had one helluva weekend, off to trading standards tomorrow to hopefully teach this guy that he can't do these things and get away with it.
Thanks for help and suggestions as usual guys.

  Banzai Bill 04:47 08 Sep 2003

I'm asuming that the WOULD REPLACE OR GIVE ME MONEY BACK in the above post is an error and should have read WOULDN'T....because if he did offer either of those I fail to see your justification for involving Trading Standards

  ameba28 21:30 08 Sep 2003

I did mean to say wouldn't replace faulty memory card and would not give me money back....Forgive the miss of the few letters "n't". Had he given me a replacement or my money back, I obviously wouldn't be going to Trading Standards. I have to visit them tomorrow to fill out complaint forms.
I even sent a friend in yesterday to say he bought a memory card and it was faulty,I watched from accross the road, not saying he had anything to do with me,I bought the card on Thursday so I could not have been the only one to buy a card between thursday and Sunday. and the actual engineer said he can't test it as engineer is not in.......he would not even look at receipt to prove it was bought out of his shop.
The guys in the shop are conmen...And when I had called the Police, suddenly the guy opens both his doors after a few phone calls to others and as he was giving me my stuff back, two others come in and start clearing shelves. I should have just let the police turn up to see what was going on. I made the mistake of cancelling the call as he was giving me my stuff back.

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