Bioshox 14:52 16 Jul 2008

Can you tell me if this Motherboard uses Spacers, or is it Insulated, because on the ASUS Manual for this is doesn’t mention adding any spacers.

Also I'm looking to build my first computer, can you tell me if this is fool proof, and if something was to go wrong what would it be, and the precautions to take, because I don’t want to buy all the components, try to boot it, and it doesn’t work. I already have the Galaxy III ATX 450W Case.


  Ditch999 17:11 16 Jul 2008

If there are spacers with the case use them. Some motherboards need them to be positioned correctly for the back plate access to be right (the video and sound cards you plug in etc)
The spacers also let more air circulate around the back of the motherboard.
Precautions to take!? Watch out for static, make sure you ground yourself before touching any components and try to touch them by the plastic bits. Dont get greasy fingerprints over them, especially the CPU and HSF.
Be gentle and careful, brute force will not achieve much.
Read the manual!
Your PSU is only 450W so dont be sticking in a power hungry graphics card.

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