Asus Laptop Screen having horizontal glitches afte

  Kamyab 16:05 13 Jun 2017

So today i just brought my laptop to a local vendor to fix the part that connects the screen and the keyboard, it's a long u shaped metal thingy. As far as i know, they glued it, and I don't think they had anything to do with screen... but for some reason i came home, turned it on, had it on for 5 mins they I noticed it... kinda sucks that it happens/occurs randomly, rarely, So I could not tell when I was at their shop... now these guys are Asians (nothing racist, but they like making money...) and i am afraid they wont accept to have a look at my laptop and want to charge me more! there isn't shit i can do, cuz i have NO PROOF! is there anyway to fix it myself? I really don't wanna spend more money... especially LCD (1920x1080) which is really expensive... please people, help me with this. Thanks

Things I have tried: 1.Check the motherboard with magnifying glass looking for any chips out of place 2.Checking the cables, touching them to see if they trigger it 3.I tried gently touching around the screen, so if it triggers it, Nothing... 4.Connecting it to my TV with my HDMI, worked nicely, no glitches but it was split screen, my laptop screen had glitches but the TV did not... 5.Recording it with video recorder to see if it catches it. (Idk if recorders record your screen or get it straight from GPU) and results was that it cough the glitches...

Things I have not tried:

1.New Drivers: All my drivers were working just find yesterday, shit just doesn't get fucked in 13 hours... 2 Replacing screens: Too broke for that... 3.Tell me I'll list them here and try them asap

(I live in an Asian country, not japan or somewhere good...)

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