Asus laptop - noisy fan

  W C Boggs 20:29 14 May 2013

I bought a new laptop last week - an Asus K56CA (Windows 8, i5 processor, 6GB RAM, 1TB hard drive).

When I turn it on, the moment I type in my password the case fan starts to work at high speed, and is therefore very noisy. And it stays like that, even without opening any programs.

Checking task manager appears to show that nothing is making heavy demands on the processor or memory - and the air coming out of the fan is cold.

If I go to settings-power-restart, when the laptop comes back on the fan is virtually silent, as I'd expect it to be normally.

I can confirm that nothing is blocking the air vents.

Also, I don't know if it is related, but the battery drains quickly too - at one point it went down by 10% in 15 minutes, and I wasn't even doing anything!

Should I return it to the shop, or is there anything I can check first (without voiding the warranty)?

Many thanks.

  onthelimit1 22:11 14 May 2013

If unsure, take it back. Best not to fiddle while the warranty is still valid.

  spuds 10:46 15 May 2013

Your first port of call is with the retailer who sold the item, if you are concerned about the product. The retailer will most likely refer you to the manufacturer for support and help, but if you go this route, make sure that the retailer as requested this, possibly by writing, because if you go to the manufacturer direct, then this might make it a little difficult for you via consumer law.

If the item is only a week old, then take it back to the retailer, and see what they think or suggest. If you purchased via mail order, then come back to the forum for possible further advice.

Having just had a quick look on a Google search, there seems to be a number of questions regarding the fan activities on a Asus K56CA. Just put " Asus K56CA with noisy fan" in the search box. There might be something of interest there?.

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