Asus laptop memory upgrade

  gizzyx 21:03 30 Aug 2008

hi guys. someone has asked me to add some memory to an asus laptop. i cannot see how easily.i've taken the cpu/memory compartment cover off and cannot see the memory at all apparently there should be one module installed and one free slot. the manual says upgrades must be done by an approved retailer or repairer but i would have thought it easy to d.i.y. model is asus A2500H.does anyone know how to find/upgrade the memory on this model?

  Technotiger 21:15 30 Aug 2008

I am not certain, but from what little I can find out, it would appear that the RAM is hidden under the keyboard. They don't really want any D.I.Y.

  gizzyx 21:37 30 Aug 2008

ok guys done it! found instructions at click here. cheers anyway.

  Technotiger 21:43 30 Aug 2008

Hmm, so I was right then ... LoL


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