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  Daiol 14:25 06 Apr 2010

Hi.My son has a Asus laptop 'model X50RL',Its been a little slugish at the momment it has windows xp pro installed,It also has two hdd one C and the other D,total of 120gb,Ram 1024mb.What he was thinking of was to have the laptop wiped clean and have a reinstall of windows xp pro he has the licence key for this operation.
Now the question is does he have to have all the asus stuff installed also as it has a lot of things to do with asus,can that be done ? Please.
Another item can he save a word document to a cd the edit the document from that cd??.
Many thanks on behalf of my son.daiol.

  ame 14:34 06 Apr 2010

You can reinstall from the recovery disk that came with the pc or if the D partition on the hard disk contains the original O.S. and drivers. If not, you may have to download and install drivers from click here Make sure you backup all your data files onto an external disk or cd/dvd's as they will all be lost when yyou reinstall.
You can load the document from the cd, edit it and then burn it again as another filename back onto cd.

  ame 14:45 06 Apr 2010

You don't have to install all the nice extra software that manufacturers often supply (commonly known as bloatware), but you do need all the essential device drivers that make the graphics, sound, wireless adapters, etc work.

  Daiol 14:49 06 Apr 2010

ame.Thanks for prompt reply he also wants to upgrade his ram to 2mb been on crucial web site did a scan and found that it was suitable for the upgrade to 2mb ram.Now is there anything that he needs to be carefull about when installing the extra ram,I read somewhere that the power supply should be removed battery etc before fitting the new one.?.
Regarding the cd,we copied a letter onto a cd last night then this morning he decided to edit that letter on the cd and upon opening the file it said unable to edit as it is read only can you assist there please.
Many thanks for you help.

  northumbria61 16:18 06 Apr 2010
  northumbria61 16:22 06 Apr 2010

click here

Another detailed link - forgot to say - yes remove power lead and battery before proceeding - and hold the new memory by the edges.

  ame 19:25 06 Apr 2010

You cannot edit a file on a cd-rom. I presume it is not a rewriteable cd? Can you not copy the file onto the hard drive and edit it there? If not, once copied to hard drive, go to File>Properties>General and at the bottom it should give the file attributes. Is the Read only box ticked? If so, try unticking it.

  canarieslover 20:06 06 Apr 2010

If you are going to re-format the hard drive then check that you have a late version of XP Pro as the hard drive in the Asus will be SATA and early versions of XP Pro will not detect the hard drive without SATA drivers being loaded from floppy disk. This may make it difficult to do a fresh install. Before you go down that route why not try to clean up your current install. Download and install Ccleaner click here Clean out all temporary files etc with this, you may be surprised how much difference it may make.

  Daiol 22:01 06 Apr 2010

Thanks all for info,We will try a good cleanup and maybe the ram upgrade may help.
Will get back to you all soon.

  northumbria61 22:18 06 Apr 2010

I would agree with canarieslover and do a thorough "cleanup" - that together with adding new RAM may be all that is needed. It is a lot easier than going through a clean install if it is not necessary.

  ame 09:59 07 Apr 2010

Yes, no harm in trying a cleanup first. You can also use Auslogics disk defrag click here to defragment your files. It has a defrag + optimise option which also moves your files on the disk to their best locations. You can even move the system files if you wish to speed things up.

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