Asus Laptop

  gavinhodges00 14:09 16 Jan 2009

Asus laptop's are most cheap on this planet, i want your reviews on the quality of Asus laptop.


  Why wont it work 14:14 16 Jan 2009

I've had three Asus laptops, an A6 and A7 and I'm currently on an F3. They have all been very good quality, and the one time I had to have a laptop repaired (my fault)it was returned quickly and they didn't even charge me.

All of mine are older models now, but assuming the newer ones have the same quality I'm sure you'll be happy. They also tend to come with a 2yr warranty as standard, where as for most other companies it is only 1yr.

  MAT ALAN 14:47 16 Jan 2009

I bought two X58Ls for my kids for xmas

Only got single core processor BUT these lappy's fly

build quality is superb, ya get all the discs with them that you will ever need.
In my opinion for not a lot of money ya get a LOT of lappy

click here

Seem to have jumped up in price a bit i paid £299 for mine but they only had vista basic...

  MAT ALAN 14:49 16 Jan 2009

click here

£308 inc VAT...

  gavinhodges00 14:35 19 Jan 2009

What is the main difference between Asus laptops and other Branded laptop's.

  Daiol 15:27 19 Jan 2009

Hi,I bought an asus laptop last year from ebuyer brilliant kit,the only thing was i wanted one with windows xp not vista.
have a look here.good luck::click here

  gavinhodges00 14:09 20 Jan 2009

Asus laptop's are cheaper than other branded computers for the same configuration , please tell me the main difference between Asus laptop's and branded laptop's .

  MAT ALAN 21:46 21 Jan 2009

please tell me the main difference between Asus laptop's and branded laptop's .
Asus are a brand
click here

I think they have just got it right...

Just because they are cheaper i dont think it is a case of you get what you pay for, as i said i bought two for my kids and in my opinion they are superb value for money...

  gavinhodges00 14:16 23 Jan 2009

thanks to all the guys for the information.

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