Asus K8V-SE Deluxe and boot error new on build

  Giggle n' Bits 00:52 02 Feb 2006

ok got the power on to my new build pc, this is the second pc I have built in 4 years.

Asus K8V SE Deluxe, AMD Sempron 3400 (2.0GHz) Socket 754, 2x Crucial 512MB PC3200 400mz DDR, 120GB Sata HDD no RAID.

Ok, so power on and get the following error:

No drive attached to FastTrak controller, the BIOS is not installed. = Error Code 0163 Press F1 to continue. Ok so before even getting WinXP installed you have to press F1 to get that far. Bit of a pain.

Checked here at Via Arena forum VIA Arena - K8V SE Deluxe BIOS Not Installed

Also as Asus FAQ's section with somthing similar but all seems ok when checking the BIOS settings.

So what BIOS isn't installed if I can get into the bios.

Any good people out there who own this K8V SE Deluxe motherboarf and have some time to spend on sorting my problem out pleaseeeeee.

Cheers in advance.

  ICF 08:17 02 Feb 2006

Look here on the Asus website click here

Can you get into the Bios if you can disable raid.Have you plugged the harddrive into the correct socket on the motherboard?

  ICF 08:20 02 Feb 2006

Sorry link did not work as expected this is what it said.

I've got an error message for K8V SE Deluxe - "No drive attached to FastTrak controller, the BIOS is not installed." during boot up. What should I do?

You can find FastTrack controller as "Promise R20378 RAID controller" from the specification. The message reports that there is no hard drive attached on Promise controller. It is just informing you when you have not connect any hard drive on Promise controller. Hence, if you didn't connect hard drive on Promise controller, you can ignore this message.

  ICF 08:45 02 Feb 2006

Look at pages 2-24 and 2-25 for where to plug in your sata drive and note page 2-25 shows the raid connections

  BigMoFoT 09:22 02 Feb 2006

On boot, disbale the raid controller in the main BIOS.

  Giggle n' Bits 15:57 02 Feb 2006

ok. I have On chip Sata Boot Rom Enabled, I have Onboard Promise Controller Enabled & that also gives me the option of RAID or Onboard IDE Operate Mode. I have tried this last one changed to IDE and still get the Error/s Unknown Bios Error Code = 0163 Press F1 to Resume.

Thing is if I have to press F1 every time I boot think this will drive me mentle. Would this go away from me getting the Win XP Home and SATA Driver installed ?

Ok, I have looked in the BIOS which is no problem to get into, the AMI Bios reads as v.08.00.09 & is dated as 11/29/04 but this doesn't seem to correspond with the Asus BIOS updates like 1008 etc. unles v.08 is 1008 ?

Can someone advise on which BIOS options should be enabled or Dissabled and should I have IDE set or Raid please.

Thank U again for you pactience and help.

  ICF 18:23 02 Feb 2006

Try these bios options Advance,chipset,Onboard device and this is what I have disabled Raid option rom & Silicon image mode.

Hope this helps

  ICF 18:38 02 Feb 2006
  PC Bilbo 19:19 02 Feb 2006

First copy the appropriate RAID driver onto a floppy from the Asus CD.

To use Fastrack, with S-ATA Drive set up as master, and onboard promise controller enabled , set operating mode to RAID - save and exit BIOS.

Reboot and press Ctrl +F which should bring up the fast build menu.Select Auto Setup and then Performance. The mode field should thenm show Stripe
Press Ctrl + Y to save and create Raid 0.

Boot from CD with XP CD in tray and press F6 during
when aked during installation and insert floppy with Promise rAID driver and it should all then install as normal with raid 0 on a single drive.

  frankie 19:31 02 Feb 2006

have xp pro with ntfs system but old board fried,put in a asus a7s8x-mx board for now have a nvidia 5700ls graphic card as has the dvi it keeps crashing intermitenly with blue screen any ideas is bios set up ok?as not too sure re that cpu is xp2700 have got ddr 400 3200 ram 1gb in two 512 modules is prob hardware or software am up to date with all updates inc anti virus and microsoft have run chkdsk still getting probs all help appreciated i realise mboard is a bit old now but should run this ok if all else fails how do i do clean install after i have taken needed files off,as i heard you should do clean install after putting in new mboard,i,d rather not re install but if needs must on advice i will

  frankie 19:33 02 Feb 2006

wrong place for my post

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