ASUS K55VD - Can't Reset PC

  We5ty 12:03 13 Jul 2014

Hi, I'm hoping some kind sole is going to help with this infuriating issue?

Brief (ish) explanation:

Asus K55VD Ultrabook running Windows 8.1 & UEFI BIOS

Friend's One year old Laptop (as above) develops some HDD bad sectors and inevitably begins to act up. Problem confirmed with Hitachi Drive Fitness Tool, a new HDD is required, however he has no restore disc (none provided by manufacturer) great!

I have managed to map out the bad sectors (for now) and load Windows into a state where it semi-behaves. My thinking is that I might be able to use the ASUS Utility to burn restore discs, unfortunately there is not one. So no restore discs and no manufacturers utility. What I did manage to do is create a restore disc using the inbuilt Windows utility (which does copy the manufacturers restore files). Though this is where it really starts to get messy!

I have booted from the USB Restore disc and attempted to do a Reset PC, to the new drive multiple times, but no joy. It returns an error about a missing partition.

I have also cloned the original drive onto the new drive using Paragon Drive Utilities and it will boot into Windows as well as diagnostics and enable me to run Reset PC, this returns and error about the drive being locked.

I have literally spent days on this problem and I'm about to take a hammer to his laptop. Actually, if an Asus rep was here right now he would not be in a very good way at all!

It doesn't matter what I try, any UEFI settings changes to Secure boot/legacy BIOS etc, I just cannot get a fresh copy of Windows Installed (not even on the original drive).


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:06 13 Jul 2014

  1. Insert your CD and boot the computer using the CD.

  2. As the computer boots, you need to navigate through these prompts to get to the Command Prompt:
    • First it asks what language and keyboard you use on the Windows Setup screen. Click the Next button.

    • Then on the next screen click the link on the bottom that says "Repair your computer"

    • Then on the Choose an option screen, click the Troubleshoot link.

    • Then on the Troubleshoot screen, click the Advanced options link.

    • Then on the Advanced options screen, click the Command Prompt link.

  3. Enter these commands at the command prompt:
    • Type: bootrec /fixmbr and press the Enter key

    • Type: bootrec /fixboot and press the Enter key

    • Type: bootrec /RebuildBcd and press the Enter key

    • Then it will ask Yes or No, type: Y

  We5ty 14:24 13 Jul 2014

Thanks fruit bat, rebuildbcd returns 1 C:\Windows and upon confirming add to list it says "The requested system device cannot be found"

Not sure if this might be why, but I've had to enable legacy BIOS to boot to CD.

Would the boot/volume information be written correctly with UEFI disabled.

I definitely don't like UEFI and secure boot!

  lotvic 15:05 13 Jul 2014

Have you tried setting the Restore partition to 'Active'? it should then boot straight into it.

  We5ty 15:08 13 Jul 2014

Woolwell, thanks. Though Asus don't provide a utility to create a restore set, I guess the owner might have made a recovery set if Asus provided the option!

I did manage to create a USB recovery drive via Windows 8 Recovery Options. I can boot to it, it appears to work as one would expect other than actually performing a full reset or refresh.

I can also boot to the recovery option on both the original drive and the imaged one. Again both seem to work fine until you attempt to do a reset/refresh then errors are returned as detailed previously.

  We5ty 15:09 13 Jul 2014

lotvic. No I haven't, could you elaborate please i.e. With diskpart?

  lotvic 16:03 13 Jul 2014

Seems as if it came with W8 and then upgraded to W8.1 so no wonder you are having a problem.

Lots of info you might find relevant on a thread on read the posts from 'cameleon222' (scroll right down to bottom of page) Saturday, July 05, 2014 7:03 AM 'cameleon222's posts deal with that issue and how to fix it "i had the same issue with my asus originally with win8, upgraded to win8.1, and was unable to factory reset, and/or refresh my pc."

  lotvic 16:05 13 Jul 2014

I'm a dumbo, forgot the link, here it is click here

  We5ty 16:29 13 Jul 2014

Lotvic, thanks for the info & link. Though you appear to have the misunderstood somewhere as the laptop is (was) running the original O/S Win 8 (unless you count the 8.1 update). Anyhow, I never stated that it had been upgraded.

I think this issue is down to volumes/partitions and that Asus's original partitions are not as Windows 8 would ideally like them and consequently messes things up when it attempts an Automatic repair. Oh and UEFI is definitely not helping the resolution either.

I've lost the will with this one and have told the owner (a mate) to come pick it up as is or bring me a retail version of Win 8.1

  lotvic 01:13 14 Jul 2014

My typo, I meant W8 updated to W8.1 (not upgraded) sorry for any confusion.

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