ASUS K501UX losing chage after battery is maxed

  droriley 09:00 05 Jun 2017

I have the K501UX Laptop. Bios Version 209.

My problem is that when laptop is charging to MAX, plugged in icon would disappear, and battery will start to drain (on normal pace - battery is good).

It takes unplugging the cable from the electricity socket (not from the lap itself - that would do nothing), wait for a sec, then on monitor it will show "On Battery" and only then plug into electricity again. Like that in cycles.

I want to emphasize: this is NOT the "Plugged in, not charging" issue, at least as described in other forums.

Steps to reproduce:

I tried to uninstall battery drivers. I also opened lap and removed battery, and pressed power button for 60 seconds.

both actions took no effect.

  Forum Editor 07:34 06 Jun 2017

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  q33ny 10:40 06 Jun 2017

do you get the on battery message when it does that, or only when you unplug. How fast does the battery discharges? after you plug it back does it do it again, reaches to max and same story? Try to remove the battery completely and run it for a bit like that, see what happens. How old is your laptop?

  droriley 10:57 06 Jun 2017

  1. My Laptop is less than 2 YO.
    1. Discharge is on normal rate - battery can last even over 5 hours.

    2. I get the "On battery" message about 3 seconds after unplugging the electricity plug from the wall (not right away though), and when plugging in again then "Plugged in" shows.

    3. Process is always the same - charging normally up to 100%, and at some point starts discharging (plug in icon disappears respectively and also light on lap front) till next time I do the drill (or till shutdown..)

  q33ny 11:45 06 Jun 2017

try to run your laptop only with the charger, so remove the battery. This will make it easy to identify is the battery or the charger. Let us know how it goes.

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