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ASUS K31BF desktop PC review

  wildhouse 00:09 29 Aug 2016

Am looking into a new PC and don't want to spend too much as they just don't last very long. Have seen the ASUS K31BF desktop PC for £350 at John lewis with 3 year guarantee which seems to have a good spec for the price, but I notice the model is already 2 years old. Would appreciate any input on this PC. It's a Quad-Core AMD A10-7800 with 8GB RAM and 3.5GHz processor speed. I am on the internet quite a lot and generally have 3 browsers open at once with several tabs (I play Farmville and flit from one to another - I think a lot of the problems I am currently getting (as well as a slowing down PC) are to do with the Flash Player but the game can't be played without it). I also use Word/Publisher/Excel and play my music through my PC so save a lot of music (and photos).

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