Asus eee (original Linux) Open Office problem

  AllThumbs 19:01 17 Aug 2008

Hi folks,

I've got one of the original asus eee 701 units and it's fine as a back up unit. However in recent days I turned off the device without exiting Open Office and now every time I run Open Office on it I get a box come up telling me it's recovering the lost document (I don't care about the doc in question - but I'm not given a choice in the matter).

There's no option to cancel the recovery and even when the doc is fully recovered there's no way to proceed. I can neither run the recovered doc, nor simply cancel it and get into open office that way.

Is there a simple solution to this or am I going to have to do a complete reset (and is that going to fix it?)

I have already tried the F9 on boot up - but nothing happened.

  octal 19:10 17 Aug 2008

If you open the file manager and in View make sure that there is a tick in show hidden files, then look in your home folder for a file called .ooo-2 rename it to .ooo-2_old then open OpenOffice again, it will create a new .ooo-2 file, note the fullstop before the file name, that indicates the file is normally hidden. If it all works then you can delete the .ooo-2_old file.

  AllThumbs 20:10 17 Aug 2008

Sadly I can't find the file .ooo-2 in the home directory. I tried deleting the file of the file that keeps getting recovered but its move to the trash......which I cant find. Even then won't it just reconstruct it?

  octal 20:28 17 Aug 2008

You might have an earlier version of Open Office, do you have a file called .openoffice
What I'm trying to find is the user configuration file which has probably got corrupted and needs removing.

I think those machines have a cut down version of Xandros Linux on them, I used to rum Xandros Linux a few years ago but I'm trying to rack my brain trying to remember.

  AllThumbs 22:27 17 Aug 2008

I have a directory called .open office - I'll look in there, and will see if the file manager has a search facility.


  AllThumbs 11:40 18 Aug 2008

Well I've tried searching using the find option in file manager and I've searched manually and I'm afraid I can't find an .ooo-2 file

  octal 19:21 18 Aug 2008

You mention that you have a .open office directory, that's probably the one you want, just try renaming it to .open office_old and open Open Office and see if that cures it, if not then just rename it back to its original name.

  AllThumbs 22:21 18 Aug 2008

I'm happy to do that but it looks like the directory containing the whole programe. There is a directory in there called config, but there's not a file specifically called config.

  octal 06:42 19 Aug 2008

Then I think it's best left alone. The trouble is although it's Linux I don't know how much they have cut it down, what I was trying to find was a folder that kept all your settings for Open Office, but it sounds like it's not where I would have expected it to be located.

  LastChip 12:16 19 Aug 2008

click here

I've been following octal's efforts to help you and I don't know the answer, so maybe they can help. If you do find the resolution, please let us know.

  octal 19:07 19 Aug 2008

Thanks LastChip, although I know Linux fairly well, I was struggling. I don't know what they've changed in these cut down versions, it would be interesting to see the file structure of them.

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