Asus- deluxe or not?

  User-8010E2E0-B7E8-4D23-AB7C92BE4D79C246 14:29 01 Aug 2003

I just recently bought a PC from Mesh, and paid extra for a Asus A7N8X-deluxe motherboard. Everything is fine with the motherboard as it has dual LAN etc and even shows up as a A7N8X-deluxe revision 2 on startup and while running 3D mark.

However, there is no firewire on this motherboard, as it is provided on a seperate PCI card. Is this normal, since I have been hearing that the motherboard has onboard firewire. Can someone please shed some light on this matter?


  sil_ver 14:40 01 Aug 2003

Have you read this? click here

  D-P-R 14:54 01 Aug 2003

Here is a pic of where the firewire goes to on the board
click here

Yup, I was wrong, that is where the firewire is meant to be positioned. One last thing, is it normal to just have 2 firewire ports, instead of the stated 4? I think Mesh took out one back panel, to provide space for other PCI cards such as Modem, gamepad port etc.

BTW, thanx for the link sil_ver, and D-P-R.

  D-P-R 15:05 01 Aug 2003

I bought mine retail and it only has 2 firewire ports

How come? All reviews of the mobo say that it comes with 2 backplates, and a total of 4 firewire ports. How come you got only 2?

  D-P-R 15:12 01 Aug 2003

just let me have a quick read of manual and I will get back to you in a min

  D-P-R 15:17 01 Aug 2003

Ok heres the manual for the board, it tells you what you should get with the board
click here

Just downloading the manual at the moment. I'll read and get back to you.

I guess you're right about it. Thanx for clearing things up, and posting the manual.

BTW, it is optional to have the 4 ports as well. I think the normal retail comes with 2 ports and a higher priced one comes with 4 ports.

Check page 1 of the manual. It outlines: '2 pcs. Asus IEEE 1394 2-port bracket.'

Also, does your gamepad slot have the 2 extra USB ports? My PC does have 6 in total, but the extra 2 are at the front and the game pad is on a bracket of it's own.

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