ASUS Customer Helpline Poor Service ?

  Dragon_Heart 02:25 18 May 2013

I was looking on Amazon for a new graphics card and found a number of ASUS cards that appeared to fit the bill.

However on one of the reviews the customer had rec'd a faulty card and found the ASUS helpline most off-putting.

He suggested they appeared to be asking so many questions that they appeared to attempting to put any customer off complaining or asking for help.

The phone number was difficult to find and when they rang they were asked to fill in a web form which was also difficult to find.

Has anyone had any experience with ASUS Customer Helpline good or bad ?

I know they need to know a certain amount about your PC & operating system but the details they asked this customer were well over the top and even impossible to answer for someone with only a little experience with PC's

  ultraleds 15:02 10 Jun 2013

I bought a ASUS B1M Led Projector which states will play any 720p hidef film via usb or SD card and it wont - Asus are no use over the phone and they dont reply to technical emails Their UK customer service is useless - i will never buy another one of their products again !

  lotvic 22:26 10 Jun 2013

I couldn't find that review (only had a quick look)

I wonder why customer didn't just return faulty card to Amazon for replacement?

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