ASUS chip set fan problem

  Mr Beaujangles 20:49 17 Jun 2009

Hi folks, my MOBO is the A8N-SLI DeLuxe by ASUS. Recently there was a bit of a grinding noise and eventually it got so bad I was sure something was going to break up. Through elimination I eventually got it down to the fan on the chipset heatsink. I've taken this off and have been looking for a replacement but so far no luck. Can anyone direct me to where I might source one of these small fans? The one that came off is a silver metal cage with the word ASUS worked into the the frame itself and it has a three pin connector on the end of the cables. Will it do my computer any harm running it without this fan in the meantime? My set up only has the one graphics card and not a twin set up -but I'm not sure if this will matter or not?
P.S. I've searched the few previous posts on this problem but none seems to fit my particular query.



  retep888 21:30 17 Jun 2009

If the fan still works,give it a good cleaning then at the bottom there is a label,use a small blade to prise it open carefully.

There might be a small rubber plug covering the bearing hole,get some engine oil(just a tiny drop will do)in there.

If you don't have engine oil,3 in 1 or WD40 will do but they won't last that long and as good.
(wipe off any surplus)

I have done this many times before to Mobo with this kind of chipset fan design and usually it'll give me 1-2 years troublefree and noisefree service.(with engine oil)

  phono 21:37 17 Jun 2009

Have to agree, it is a method I have used many times to great effect, but I must admit I have never used engine oil, 3-in-1 or WD40 are what I would normally use.

  retep888 21:49 17 Jun 2009

It's down to the viscosity of the oil,I found out that both the 3 in 1 & WD40 being a bit "thin" and won't last long enough.

And particularly the WD40 has to be "sprayed" into the bearing hole,more than often resulting too much and becomes a dust magnet.

  phono 21:55 17 Jun 2009

"It's down to the viscosity of the oil"

That's why, in the past, I avoided it as I thought it would be too viscous and would not penetrate into the bearing, but you live and learn, now where did I put that can of Castrol GTX? ;)

  I am Spartacus 21:56 17 Jun 2009

One of these 40mm fans might be the right size click here

Alternatively a fanless heatsink might also work of you have reasonable airflow in your case click here The Zalman ones are really fiddly to fit.

  Mr Beaujangles 23:54 17 Jun 2009

Thanks for all the responses folks, failing actually managing to get an Asus fan of the correct size; I think I may just try the Zalman sink - pretty cool looking and I don't mind taking my MOBO out to fit it(clear case next?). I'll leave this open a bit longer and see if any others have more advice.

Cheers all


  Batch 16:24 18 Jun 2009

I used a Zalman NB47J once. From what I recall, I don't think I needed to remove the mobo (but mine was a different ASUS mobo). Wasn't too difficult - just followed the instructions.

Worked a treat and ran a lot quiter as well.

  citadel 17:42 18 Jun 2009

I have a zalman overhead bracket with a fan blowing down on the motherboard, you can fit various sizes of fan and point at anything you want.

  Mr Beaujangles 17:59 19 Jun 2009

.............hi again folks. The fan is now back on the motherboard without the cover and after having a wee drop of electrical lubricant sprayed into it. Result - is dead quiet running! I'm noit daft though, I've got all the serial numbers etc off the baord and will send off to ASUS and ask for a replacement for it. I've also ordere a Zalman heat sink to try and see if it keeps the temps down as well; the quieter the better in my book. Thanks very much for all the tips and advice.


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