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Asus AIO Graphic Card gforce 740m 5GB possible?

  Mariam Gölezian 22:12 02 Jun 2017

Hi everybody,

ill try to figure out what specs my graphic card has. I have an asus aio. in the dxdialog are 2 topics 1 says "Anzeige"(german)-display the other one says "Wiedergabe"(german)-playback. In the section where the gforce is, is written 5032mb. Is it possible that i have a 5gb graphic card? Also could someone explain me why there are 2 sections?

Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards!

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  Archonar 10:25 03 Jun 2017

Having had a quick browse on the internet I think that the 5032mb is the approx RAM size rather than the VRAM (GPU ram). Google translate says it translates to "total memory" which I think confirms this as in the "total memory" section of dxdiag on my pc it lists my system ram size. Here are the specs of your graphics card: click here

As for why there are 2 sections, I don't know, mine only lists "display 1" and "display 2" which are my 2 monitors.

  q33ny 19:14 03 Jun 2017

Archonar is right. I have the same a GPU that can share some of the PC RAM. That should be the total amount that your GPU can use but not the actual VRAM. Best way to check is to locate Display Adapter Properties.

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