asus a8v deluxe and 8x agp

  peterb1947 12:43 25 Feb 2006

i have an asus a8v deluxe with a powercolor 9250 128mb 8x agp graphics card.
the system only recognises the card as a 4x.
the bios setting only goes up to 4x.
the radeon control centre smartgart only goes up to 4x.
does anybody know why as the motherboard is supposed to have agp 8x support.

  Totally-braindead 13:11 25 Feb 2006

The only suggestion I can offer is try updating all the drivers. I checked the motherboard and the graphics card and both do say 8x, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to why it appears as 4x.
Mind you having said that regardless of whether its 4x or 8x you will notice no real difference. You would think the 8x is twice the speed of the 4x but this is not the case, why I don't know but I'm sure some knowledgeable person will explain if you really need to know.

  surfsteruk 13:13 25 Feb 2006

Is the Graphics card new? They also made a AGP x4 version so Just make sure you havent got that one by mistake.

  peterb1947 17:39 25 Feb 2006

its a new card with all the latest drivers.

  ed-0 18:11 25 Feb 2006

In that case have a look at,

In the bios under advanced > chipset > agp bridge configuration. What is the setting for your AGP mode?

  peterb1947 10:12 26 Feb 2006

in reply to ed-0
the agp mode is set to 4x
but the only options are 4x,2x and 1x

  ed-0 11:25 26 Feb 2006

That seems to bear out surfsteruk's suggestion that the card is on 4X.

Is the primary graphics adapter set to AGP?

The only other setting I can see that is worth looking at is the " VLink 8X supported " just above the AGP mode. Is it greyed out, disabled or enabled. I haven't a clue to what it does!!

  peterb1947 11:53 26 Feb 2006

primary graphics is set to agp
vlink 8x supported is enabled

  peterb1947 11:57 26 Feb 2006

here are some of the cards description off the box.
4 pixel pipelines
2 shader pipelines
full directx 8.1 support
support agp8x
dvi-i support

  clayton 16:03 26 Feb 2006

Hers a pic of the 4x card

click here

Heres a pic of the 8x card

click here

Does you card look like any of these ?

Do you have a model no ect on the graphics card ?

  peterb1947 17:49 26 Feb 2006

it looks the same as the 8x card
but it does not have the ribbon cable joining the two connectors

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