asus a8n-sli deluxe mb dimm

  mantis1 18:41 01 Apr 2007

i recently took out my memory sticks and graphics cards to get in to give the mb a dusting as there was alot of dust on things.when i turned the computer back on it would not start up just kept giving the bios beeps.just a beep the a pause then another and so on.after several atempts it starts up without a stick of memory in one of the is not the memory as i have tried different sticks to no luck.anybody got any ideas as to the problem or is it just a damage worked fine before and everything is in the same position not altered anything.

  jameswalpole 19:15 01 Apr 2007

I have exactly the same board and I recently did the same thing and the same thing happened, you need to ensure that the memory goes into the exact same slot that they came out of, I think both of mine went into the blue slots.

Mine were really difficult to get back in, they looked like they were in properly but I still kept getting the memory error, eventually after many attempts they engaged correctly.

  mantis1 19:39 01 Apr 2007

yes your right according to the manual they should be in the blue slots dimm a1 - b1 but it is just when it,s put in b1 i have the problem it does not get to the point to even turn my monitor on so i cant enter the bios screen. i'm currently running in a1 - a2 - b2 does this cause a problem

  [email protected] 20:36 01 Apr 2007

1 - it won't work with no memory!
2 - put one barrette in B1 and boot up, it should boot OK.
3 - power down, swap the memory and boot again (if it boots OK then both memory barrette's are OK.
4 - power down, put your memory back into A1 and B1 and boot up.
(For dual channel configuration the memory barrette's should be the same).
Make absolutely certain your memory AND graphics card is seated properly and check everything else you may have disturbed.
Post your results.

  mantis1 20:43 01 Apr 2007

i know it wont work with no memory but it wont work in b1. i have 4 512 sticks all the same. it don't matter which i put in b1 it just will not boot if there's a stick in it. take it out of b1 and it boots ok. it's just the b1 slot

  [email protected] 20:54 01 Apr 2007

Looks like you have damaged the slot removing/replacing the memory as B1 is the slot to be used when you use only 1 barrette of memory.
If you fill all the slots, will it boot?
If you remove the memory from B1 slot but leave the others and boot, do you get a stable OS or not?
If you fill A1 and B1 only, do you boot OK?

  [email protected] 20:57 01 Apr 2007

Have a look here click here
Check the Award Bios Beep codes and see which one matches yours, if any.

  mantis1 21:06 01 Apr 2007

thanks wotbus it says memory error-bad memory or bad connection.i have only installed 2 sticks back in till i manage to get if working again with all 4.does it make a difference using a2-b2 rather than a1-b1

  [email protected] 21:12 01 Apr 2007

OK, just re-read the thread.
You had 4 X 512'S working OK before the clean-up.
Now B1 doesn't perform/causes problems when filled, but you can run OK on 3.
As this board is designed to use B1 if only a single barrette of memory is used, the conclusion has to be the slot us u/s if the memory is good :-(

  [email protected] 21:16 01 Apr 2007

No. The mobo will (or should) work in any configuration. The matching of slots is required for full functionality of dual-channel working and increased performance.
A2 and B2 is the best for you at the moment, as adding another 512 into A1 will degrade the performance.

  mantis1 21:20 01 Apr 2007

yes i thought that was the problem' that it's knackered.but i was just hoping it was something i had missed and there was a way to get it going again.would u use just 2 sticks which it says memory dual channel on start up or 3 sticks which it says is single on start up and does it make a difference using b2 - a2 as the user guide tells you to use a1-b1

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