asus a8n-sli

  User-5F8D69BB-1E64-44F4-862FDEC4EC0E264F 11:47 17 Jun 2007

my mates pc has what I think is a graphics card failure, but want to check before spending a lot. When he boots up it give what sounds like 1long and two short bleeps. The M/B manual does not give any info about bleep codes. When I plug in a headset it sounds like it says DDA error. I can't find any info on this error code. The graphics card is an ATI x1950 and all we have is a blank screen.

  Kate B 11:52 17 Jun 2007

You would get a blank screen with this mobo - it doesn't have onboard graphics. Try another card in the slot.

Sorry I should have said I have not got a spare PCI express card to test. Assuming it is a card failure he wants to buy a top range card and is looking to spend £300 so wants to be sure it is the card not M/B problem.

  retep888 12:21 17 Jun 2007

Have a look on these

click here

  Kate B 12:57 17 Jun 2007

My first A8N SLI Deluxe did that and I replaced both graphics cards, only to have the same thing happen again: it turned out to be the motherboard, not the cards. First, try the card in another PC to rule out the card itself being the problem - it might not be; I seem to remember that this was an issue this model. You might be looking at a new mobo.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:58 17 Jun 2007

Have you tried just removing and refitting the card?

Thanks fruit bat thats the first thing I did. I also took out the memory chips and reseated them. I will have to ask around at work for some help. My PC's are still AGP so I cant test the card.

  Kate B 13:31 17 Jun 2007

Do try the card in another PC if you can - as I say, it might well be the mobo itself. It was with mine.

It was the motherboard. New one on the way. Thanks

  Kate B 00:34 22 Jun 2007

Glad you nailed down the problem - what are you replacing it with? Or did you manage to track down another one the same?

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