Asus A8N-SLI

  McTedo 13:28 18 Feb 2006

Two Questions about this motherboard:

(click here)

1) Will an Athlon 64 X2 4200+ work (correct socket, but it only mentions Athlon 64 on the supported processor page - don't want to buy it and find it won't work)

2) Will Crossfire work later with it having an nVidia SLI chipset?

  gudgulf 13:41 18 Feb 2006

1) Yes, providing your motherboard BIOS is version 1008 or above it will support the X2 4200 cpu

2) For ATI crossfire you will need an ATI chipset motherboard that supports crossfire....with an nVidia sli board you will need to use nVidia graphics cards.

..So no it wont work

  McTedo 14:03 18 Feb 2006

Thanks :)

  McTedo 14:39 18 Feb 2006

Following the above, I've selected another Motherboard, supporting Crossfire:
(Asus A8R-MVP) - click here

However, the 3gb/sec SATA part is slightly confusing... I have found this hard drive:

click here

which supports SATA/300, is that the same as 3gb/sec (ie. will it work).


  vinnyT 15:25 18 Feb 2006

Yes, that fine. The 3gb/sec and sata/300 refer to sata2 as opposed to the original sata.

  McTedo 15:27 18 Feb 2006

Great! Thanks vinnyT (and gudgulf earlier!)

  vinnyT 10:14 21 Feb 2006


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