Asus A8N-E

  tes 09:50 22 Sep 2007

This Mb is fitted with a Athlon 64 3200+ CPU
What is the fastest cpu it will take,& would I notice the difference?
Thanks in advance for any views

  skidzy 09:56 22 Sep 2007

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Depending on what you wish the cpu to do for you,will determine if you see an improvement.

For example gaming/video editing etc.

  tes 07:55 24 Sep 2007

Mainly photo's & we browsing

  umbongo(uk) 16:46 24 Sep 2007

upgrading wouldnt realy benefit from what your currently using the comp for but you would see more responsive programs and quicker boot time depending on whether you go for the highest rated for the system

click here
theres a 3700 cpu going for the bargain price on here
i got one for a freind just to increase his gaming and genral computing
heres tomshardware guide to cpu,s choose the benchmark then the cpu you wish to compare
you will see in some applications only seconds are shaved off and in others a minute or two

id allways go 3 cpu,s above the current one you have as the diffrence is never realy noticable going 1or2 above your current one

any of the current 939 cpu,s will work on your motherboard

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