Asus A7V8X-X, FX5200 AGP, WinXP, 2x256Mb PC2700

  Giggle n' Bits 22:50 24 May 2004

ok, when you go into the Display properties and slect the screen saver-Power the on the Advanced tab in there the bottom half of screen only shows
under the Power Buttons "When I press the power Buttons on my computer" etc with drop down box.

Thing is I am sure there should be 2 one for when I press the power button and also one for when I press the Sleep button. But the Sleep button is not there.

Also when closing down Power DVD v4 it goes to just a black screen and nothing happens CTRL-ALT-DEL key needed to close this.

Is there something setting wise set wrong in the bios or is it possible that the BIOS could be a bad bios ?

Ripping my hair out and maybe going bald if I carn't sort it. Help please.
Wish Paperman 27 was around or BSOD

  keith-236785 23:52 24 May 2004

you have got me with this one, i have the three drop down boxes as you expected to see on yours,

has this always been like this or just recently changed?

have you changed your power settings in the control panel?

if it has just started, try a system restore to a point to before this started.

regarding the bios, i will have to shutdwn, go into my bios and see what options are in there, so i will be back .

my board is an ECS K7S5A, amd1800xp 2*256 pc2100 win XP pro, FX5200 128mb graphics.

  keith-236785 00:02 25 May 2004


in your bios, (mine is award bios)

in the power managemnet setup, you should have ACPI aware O/S set as "YES"

and power management set as "ENABLED"


PLUG AND PLAY AWARE O/S should be set as "YES"

thats all i can see that may alter things.

hope it helps.
good luck

  Giggle n' Bits 01:06 25 May 2004

I carn't find anything out of line in the Award Bios v1007 on this Asus board and yep the power options in Advanced tab just show one option and not 3.

But reverting back and using a older Nvidia driver seems to have solved the problem ref the black screen when closing power DVD (cyberLink)

I still have my reservations about the power but using the standby from the XP shutdown does work now.

So I will just reload XP again and everthing else as its a new build.

AGP card is PixelView 128MB DDR AGP x8 FX5200 just going to have a look at there website see if there is anything there they are at click here

Again Thanks for the return call.

  keith-236785 08:20 25 May 2004

glad you seem to be getting sorted, but instead of installing windows again, can you do a system restore to a point before you noticed the problem.

start/programs/accessories/system tools/system restore.

good luck

on my last re-install of windows, i did not install the directx9 drivers that came with the graphic card, and dont seem to have any problems. though as i am changing motherboards this weekend i might install them this time and see. i might have to re-install windows again after the upgrade.

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