Asus A7V8X-X with Athlon XP2200

  MrGeesBigCircus 22:21 08 Nov 2003

Hi, I've just put together a PC with the above motherboard and processor. Tried to power it up, but it's turning off after a couple of seconds. Tried many different hardware configurations, and found that power is sustained with the processor removed. This is the first machine I've put together, and I'm tearing my hair out! Please help!

  wawadave 22:39 08 Nov 2003

is the cpu facing the correct way when installed?
is the cpu fan turning on? is there thermal compound on the cpu heat sink? is fan heat sink rated for that cpu?
you probably covered these but all i can think of besides try anther cpu.

  MrGeesBigCircus 22:49 08 Nov 2003

Yep, got all those sorted, and it's still turning off after a few seconds. Got a 300w PSU - could this be a factor?

  [email protected] 23:14 08 Nov 2003

have you got the correct settings for the cpu

i built a system today with Asus A7V8X-MX

and that had dip swithes to set the cpu up..

i imagine that board will be similar.

are they setup correctly for the cpu

  goonerbill 09:49 09 Nov 2003

sounds as if it could be PSU. remove all components or ribbons from other items and just boot up with cpu, graphics card and a hard drive. if all runs well, ya know its not the cpu.

really with todays pc's a 400watt PSU is best.

also as mentioned by the others, is cpu set up in bios correct and is h/s and fan up to the job.

  MrGeesBigCircus 09:58 09 Nov 2003

Eveything seems to be in order, but I'll go through everyones suggestions and try everything!

  WaiKent 10:00 09 Nov 2003

can you enter Bios? if so enter and check the status of fan cpu heat etc.

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